Introducing Glo and Ray Cosmetics

Glo and Ray are the new makeup brand on the block; expect to see their gorgeously packaged, sleek black products make an appearance on blogs and in makeup bags across the UK in 2015. They're a British company that draws inspiration from the wonder of light, and state that they provide the tools to illuminate every woman's individuality. Despite starting out as beauty blog, my obsession with cosmetics has definitely dwindled over the past year or so and it takes a lot to grab my interest these days (a lot of the time I feel as though I've seen it all before). But I really did like the look of these, and am glad I gave them a chance because they're amazing! Two of the three have become staples in my everyday routine, which is quite the compliment to them as it's been a while since I've liked anything enough to replace what I'm already using.

This is a beautiful raspberry red shade, the pinkish undertone and creamy formula means it's flattering and easy to wear. I'll admit shimmer in lipstick usually sends me running for the hills, however this is much more of a cream lipstick with a subtle sparkle and not a scary looking metallic finish that most 'shimmer' lipsticks tend to have. I'm quite lazy with bold lipsticks these days and hardly ever reach for them unless I'm going on a night out or somewhere special, but I can definitely see this being one that I go for when I'm getting done up. I plan on wearing it for Valentines Day in a couple of weeks, it's the perfect romantic Valentine-y shade!

This is exactly my kind of thing; the colour and the formula are very much up my street, I only ever wear muted pinks and nude shades on an everyday basis so I know I'll get loads of use from this. Glo and Ray call this a 'creamy matte', it's slightly more matte than your average cream formula but doesn't have the drying finish or quite as long wear time as a matte lipstick. This is no bad thing when it comes to nude lipstick, lighter shades are well known for showing up every flaw which is always made much worse with a drying formula. I love the shade too; finding the balance between a nude lipstick that looks like concealer and one that looks like nutella is always a tricky one, but this is a nice peachy shade that doesn't leave me looking washed out and still adds a hint of colour.

It's been such a long time since I've used an eyebrow pencil, I usually use my HD brows palette and while it's amazing it's a bit time consuming and not something that's easy to do in a hurry. I've been after something more convenient to use on days when I need to get my makeup done quickly, and so am really glad to have my hands on this. The pigment is great and the slightly waxy formula is easy to apply and leaves the brows looking matte (always good, I've come across eyebrow pencils that have left them looking shiny in the past and it waas terrifying as it sounds!) There are only two shades in the range, this one and a very dark brown- so if you sit somewhere in the middle you might have to give this one a miss. I'd say this shade is best suited to blonde or light brown hair, I'm currently at a dark blonde and it's perfect for me. Brow products for lighter hair are usually pretty difficult to come by, and so I highly recommend this if you're struggling finding something that's just right. Plus it's only £5.50, such a bargain!

Have you heard of Glo and Ray Cosmetics?


  1. Never heard of this brand - the packaging looks super sleek and posh!! Will defo be trying this out.

  2. Gorgeous Colours i love it!

  3. This is my first time hearing about them, but that nude lipstick is gorgeous! Too bad my lips are too pigmented to pull off a straight-nude shade like that. *Wails*

  4. Packaging looks very classy and I like the venus lipstick.. Eyebrow pencil could be worth a try too but I'm a little reluctant to change from my trusty Nars