Five Handy Beauty Products You Need in Your Stash

Strangely it's some of my most used products that get the least amount of time in the spotlight when it comes to blogging. Maybe it's because when you use something all the time (and it becomes so ingrained into your routine) it's not until you run out or are stuck without it that you realise just how important it is. We all love a beautifully packed high end lipstick, but it's the more modest staples that we probably couldn't live without when it comes down to it. I thought I'd pay homage to some of my handy little staples, and show you five beauty products that I think everyone would benefit from having in their stash!

Micellar Water
I like: Nivea Sensitive Micellar Water: £4.09 from Superdrug
 Micellar water got a lot of hype the summer before last, everyone was raving about Bioderma and revelling in the fact that highstreet brands were bringing out affordable and easy to find alternatives. I've probably bought a hundred bottles since then, and I'm not sure which point it went from 'wow this is incredible' to completely taking it forgranted but I wanted to stop and show a bit of love for this amazing little product. Thanks to this there's no more messing around with greasy makeup removers every night or having to resort to face wipes, a few drops on a cotton pad and even waterproof mascara and lip stains don't stand a chance. It really is one of the best things to come out of the beauty world in the last few years in my opinion, and on the odd occasion I run out before I'm able to repurchase I realise just how much I rely on the stuff. If you wear makeup it's just an absolute essential.

Fake Tan Remover
We've all been there- dreaded fake tan hands. I don't know how I can still make this mistake after years of using fake tans, but every now and again (usually if I can't find my tanning mitt) I decide to dice with death and commit one of the worst beauty sins and apply it with bare hands. In my mind I think I'll quickly apply it, run to the bathroom and scrub my hands before they can stain. Turns out I'm rarely quick enough, and have to spend the following day with my hands in my pockets....smooooth. My life was made when I discovered fake tan remover existed, it's a powerful exfoliator with lots of fine grit which really gets in there and lifts off the colour. It's also handy for the days after fake tanning when your overall shade is starting to look patchy and worse for wear, rather than having to wait for it to completely fade this helps get you looking nice and even again. With it being an exfoliator it leaves you super smooth too, perfect if you're planning on tanning again right after.

Dental Floss Sticks 
I like: Dentek Floss Picks £2.99 from Boots
It's recommended that you floss your teeth daily, but it's a pain having to battle with huge strips of floss that always seem to get everywhere. When you're tired at the end of the day, it's so easy to quickly brush your teeth and decide that's enough and that flossing can wait until tomorrow. So I highly recommend having some floss picks on hand, they're so easy and convenient to use that you have no excuse not to do it. I particularly like the Dentek ones as they come in cases which protects them and stops them from getting everywhere. You can buy larger packs too to refill them, they're really cheap and just a million times more convenient than regular floss. 

Dry Shampoo
I like: Macadamia Volumising Dry Shampoo £15.60 from LookFantastic
People seem to have mixed opinions about dry shampoo, I think the best thing is to be aware of what it can and can't do. If you haven't washed your hair in days and it's looking like a terrible greasy mess then dry shampoo probably isn't going to do much for you, however it's perfect for second day hair or giving some volume to freshly washed hair. Having such fine and straight hair means mine gets greasy quickly, I could quite happily wash it every day (which I did for years) but since learning more about hair and discovering that over washing isn't brilliant for it I try not to. So having a tin of dry shampoo on hand helps me stretch out hair washes to two or three days without looking like someone has poured a bottle of Crisp n Dry over my head. If you're regularly having to shove up your hair into a ponytail or bun because it looks greasy after a day, grab a bottle of dry shampoo next time you get the chance- you'll at least get another day of hair that looks nice.

The humble tin of Vaseline truly is a multi- use product. Not only is it good for moisturising chapped lips and dry cuticles, but applied to eyelashes before bed will condition and moisturise them to keep them strong and healthy. If you dye your hair at home having some Vaseline on hand is essential, applied around the hairline it keeps the hair dye from staining your skin and keeps the chemicals off your face. Another handy use for Vaseline is applying a small amount to your pulse points before spraying on perfume, it makes the scent stick around for much longer! I've shown the smaller tin version here which is great for your handbag, but I actually recommend buying a big pot to keep in the house- it's only a couple of pounds and will last forever.

What products can't you live without?


  1. Love Vaseline, comes in handy so much!

  2. I have the nivea cleansing water as well, love it!

  3. So many essentials! Love the sound of the tanning product!

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  4. I'm totally with you on the Vaseline. What an amazing multi-purpose product. X

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  6. I love the macadamia products!