Marc Jacobs Dot Review

Marc Jacobs Dot*: £36 (30ml) from Cosme De

Top Notes: red berries, dragonfruit, honeysuckle
Middle Notes: jasmine, orange blossom, coconut water
Base Notes: vanilla, musk, driftwood

It appears that Marc Jacobs perfumes have stolen my heart, this is only the second one I've tried but already I'm completely obsessed! Beautiful light and airy scents packaged in the cutest bottles- they're just spot on in my book. Just take a look at those notes, does that not sound like the most heavenly concoction? Fruits, florals, vanilla and musk; come on, even angels couldn't dream up a more perfect mix of ingredients!

Dot would fall under the fruity-floral perfume category, although it's much more fruity than floral and smells vibrant, girly, fresh and sweet. While this would be a great everyday scent, for me this is a perfect summertime perfume; the coconut water note is subtle but gives it an almost tropical edge which I think would be amazing when the sun is out. Dot is a lot different to what I expected, whenever I've seen the packaging I always assumed it was ladybird inspired and so expected the scent to be a very green 'english garden' kind of affair. When actually the bottle is just inspired by Marc Jacobs love of polka dots, and what's inside is definitely a fruity smelling perfume. As I have the smaller 30ml size the packaging is a bit different (with the bigger sizes the base of the bottle is in the same spotted polka dot style as the lid) but this is still so pretty and definitely takes pride of place on my dressing table. Marc Jacobs perfume bottles are always stunning with their fun, eye catching designs- I can't think of another designer who does it better.

If you buy from Boots a 50ml bottle of Marc Jacobs Dot will set you back £50, however from Cosme De (my new very favourite beauty website) it costs the bargain price of £39. There's even free p&p on every order, lets be honest there aren't many websites these days that offer that so I think that's a huge bonus. If you buy beauty products and have never checked out Cosme De before you're missing out, I've never come across a website that offers such huge price reductions on so many brands. While there are lots of discounted beauty sites online, many only sell end of line stock and so what's available is limited; Cosme De sells just about every beauty brand you can possibly think of. Whether you're buying Valentines presents this year or just treating yourself, trust me this is one to check out- at the moment there's up to 60% off products. Plus there's the chance to reveal more great discounts when you play this little game on the site!

Have you tried Marc Jacobs Dot?


  1. such cute packaging, love the sound of the scent too x

    1. I love the scent, fruity florals are always really wearable for everyday :) x

  2. this sounds really nice, plus Marc Jacobs perfumes always look so pretty x

    1. it's gorgeous, the bigger sized bottle is even prettier! x