Where to Buy Cute, Unique Home Accessories

I'm thoroughly addicted to looking at homeware in the big highstreet shops and love nothing more than taking a stroll through the aisles, but after a while it can definitely begin to look a little same-y. Most places tend to sell similar things in similar styles, and it's difficult hunting down pieces that are not only different but good quality too. While eBay is good I find that things can sometimes arrive a bit shoddily made, and so you never know what kind of quality to expect until it arrives at your door (a little example for you is a throw I recently ordered which shedded so many itchy loose fibres I was left feeling like I'd jumped into an ants nest!) So I was more than excited to discover Abodent; a website selling beautifully made unique home accessories with a focus on cupboard knobs and coat hooks. Here are the pieces I chose from the site!

The distressed bird hook is a nice weighty piece and is made of metal, I was expecting to need a drill to put it up but luckily it was really easy to simply screw into the wall (probably a good thing, me handling a drill would have probably lead to some kind of serious injury!) The fox is a smaller, lighter piece and has a 'picture hanging' type hook in the back that can be hung onto a nail. Both of these are gorgeous, versatile pieces that would look good in just about any room. I considered using them for jewellery but settled on using the bird near the front door for my dogs leads and the fox to keep my back door key on. Extremely handy as it now doesn't get left lying around and go missing! Whether you're after a hook to hang your dressing gown, coat, keys or jewellery on these are both perfect and look so cute!

Whether you want to upcycle an old piece of furniture or just give a more personal touch to existing pieces, a good way to go about that is by changing the drawer handles. I've used the large flower drawer pull on my bedside table and think it looks amazing- almost as if it was designed that way! I was never keen on the original handles that came with my furniture and changed them to inexpensive diamante ones from eBay (most of which I've already had to replace where they break easily- exactly the kind of shoddily made product I was referring to earlier!) This looks a lot nicer and I'm considering changing them all over to this style, as they're really sturdy and well made there's no worry of pulling the handle off when you open the drawer. The handles all come with the fittings so replacing existing handles is no problem at all, even for a DIY dunce like me. I still need to decide on where I want to put the other two handles, both are so pretty I want to put them somewhere they'll be on show!

Looking for any unique or unusual pieces? Click through to Abodent within the next week, and you'll get a code for 10% off on a £20 spend!


  1. this is all so cute, I've added Abodent to my bookmarks! Im going to treat myself to a load of new homeware next month so will definitely be looking on here, the bird hook is my favourite would be perfect for hanging my most worn jewellery on x


  2. I'm obsessed with that fox hook, my keys always wonder off too so something like this by my door would be ideal :)



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  4. So many cute pieces, great post!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  5. wow I've never heard of Abodent before but their products are lovely. I'm such a sucker for cute & unique home decor!

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  6. I love little touches like this, it makes everything so personal and when all the little details come together it looks lovely.

  7. I've never seen such a cute drawer handle! The rose is so pretty, I love it!!!

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    Great post!
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