Barkbeats Treat Boxes for Dogs: March Box Review

Last month I wrote a post about my first impressions of Barkbeats, which is any dog owners dream and the perfect way to spoil your pooch. They're a company who put together goodie boxes (containing five or six full size premium items) for your dog with a mixture of toys, treats and grooming products. You can either sign up for six or twelve month subscriptions, or simply buy one off boxes with no strings attached. My dogs were lucky enough to get their paws on March's box and it went down a storm, here's what it contained and what they thought of everything inside!

Busy Buddy Waggle
This a treat dispensing toy where both ends can be filled, if you've ever bought your dog anything like this before you'll know how good they are for keeping them occupied. As soon as Bowser spied this in the box there was no consoling him until he had it firmly in his grasp, and he made off with it the second I had the outer packaging off. This is a slightly smaller toy which is probably aimed at a small/ medium sized dog, but that hasn't bothered him a bit. He's been playing with it literally non stop since he got it, and it's still going strong and looks like it will last well. The rubber is nice and sturdy, and the bendy centre means each end wags back and forth as they hold it making it really fun to play with.

Trixie Roller Pop
While Bowser was busy playing with the toy, Romeo had the chance to rummage around in the rest of the products and was extremely keen on this. It's essentially a roller ball lollipop for dogs, which I thought was so clever and isn't something I've ever seen before. It would be ideal as a training aid when you don't want to be filling them up on treats and biscuits, and I imagine is a good alternative if you're watching your dog's weight. There are three flavours, we got the salmon one which somehow smells like overly strong beef gravy gone wrong. Both dogs have had a go on this and love it; the only problem is they can't decide whether they're supposed to lick it or try and bite the rollerball off, but did kind of get the hang of it eventually.

Barks and Sparks Brownie
This is a healthy 'brownie' containing chicken liver, carob, olive oil, yoghurt and other doggie friendly ingredients. As soon as the packaging was open on this, both dogs were immediately in front of me with their ears perked up and their best begging faces on. This is a good size and you could easily break it up into smaller pieces and save part of it if you had smaller dogs or just the one dog- but I broke it into quarters and they scoffed their two pieces each with zero complaints. There was a Barks and Sparks treat in the last box too that they loved too, the creators must know what makes a tasty dog snack!

HovHov Natural Cookies
The last snack type product in the box were these baked turkey liver and basil cookies. These seemed to be the thing that the dogs were least interested in the box, that's not to say they didn't eat them as they were snapped up within minutes but they seemed a bit less excited about them than everything else. Maybe they'd just been spoiled by the other items, or are used to biscuit treats as that's what I usually give them.

Arquizoo Wipes
 Finally, the grooming product in this box was a pack of Arquizoo wipes. Not only are these handy for keeping your dogs ears and eyes clean but are great for wiping down their paws after walks too. I was particularly happy to see these in the box as Bowser is such a messy eater- he has quite a pronounced underbite which causes him to make a mess with his food and water (I'm pretty sure he usually gets more around his chops than he manages to swallow!) These will perfect for wiping down his messy face once he's finished eating, and as they're dog friendly I don't have to worry about them irritating his skin.

Fancy giving Barkbeats a try? Use the code BEAUTIFUL5 to get £5 off your first box!