My Prom Dress Picks For Under £100

While my prom days are over (not like we really get prom over here in England, it's usually more of a second rate 'leavers ball') when it comes to pretty dresses I can't help but have a browse. I wish that I had the kind of lifestyle where I could wear dresses like this on a regular basis, because you can get some genuinely beautiful pieces these days for such good prices. I've been scouring through this years prom dresses and thought I'd share with you some of my favourites, hopefully it gives you some inspiration if you're off to prom this year!

If I was off to prom this year, I'm almost certain I'd go for a blue dress. Over the past few years my favourite colour has switched from pink to pale blue, I find it's such an elegant colour and is pretty without being too girly. The dresses above are some of my favourite cheap blue prom dresses, at under £100 each they're such a bargain and I'm sure you'll agree they're all just stunning. My favourite is the dress on the left, I love the sparkly detail and the layered skirt! In terms of fit, these are all the types of dresses that will flatter any figure due to the fitted bust and waist and flowy skirt.

I'm obsessed with the style of mermaid dresses, while I'd personally go with something less fitted for myself they're a perfect option if you're body confident and want to show off your figure. A mermaid dress will accentuate your curves while still having the drama of a standard ball gown with the voluminous skirt. These cheap mermaid dresses are the ones that caught my eye, I particularly like the yellow one on the right. This probably isn't a colour I'd have considered before, but after seeing this I like that it's a bit different and is a great spring/ summer shade.

Finally if you wanted to go for something different altogether then how about a short prom dress? Back when I was choosing a dress for my prom I don't think going for a short one ever crossed my mind, but these days they're definitely something I'd consider. A short dress can look just as glamorous as a long ball gown, especially if you go with something with nice detailing on like these ones. I think the one of the left with the short front/ long back is just amazing- it's a nice way to get the best of both worlds if you can't make up your mind! Otherwise if your legs are your best feature or you have a nice tan you want to show off don't rule out a short dress, it might be the perfect style for you!

Are you off to prom this year?


  1. I love long gowns! The blue dresses reminds me of Frozen's Elsa.. They all look gorgeous and I wish I had to go for prom (that was longgg ago...)

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  3. I love these beautiful dresses and will get one for my prom next week at