Wearing Festival Fashion (When You're Not at a Festival!)

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All pieces from New Look's festival range (clickable image)

I might not be off to any festivals this year but I do really love festival fashion, I like the relaxed boho style which is a nice change from what I'd usually go for throughout the rest of the year. But while I want to incorporate a festival kind of vibe into my summer wardrobe it still has to be casual enough for normal day to day wear- because I'm not sure that a full on flower crown, gold temporary tattoos and fringed everything is quite suitable for mooching around going about my boring daily business! So I've been on the lookout for cute, festival style pieces that can be dressed down a bit for everyday wear and found a few pieces that I absolutely loved.

My favourite piece has got to be the kimono; everyone has gone kimono crazy at the moment and it's no wonder as they're so perfect for the spring and summer! Much less stifling than a light cardigan while still providing protection from the sun on hot days. I also think the fringed sandals are gorgeous, and are a nice nod to the trend without going all out. One of the best ways to add a boho kind of spin onto an outfit is with accessories, I love the nude crochet backpack which again is really festival-y but not so much so that you couldn't wear it throughout the rest of the year too. Things like layered chains and tribal jewellery designs are great because you can go as simple or bold as you like, and they can completely change the look of a plainer outfit. Finished off with a pair of oversized sunglasses and a hat, and I think this is the perfect festival inspired outfit that's still casual enough for everyday wear.

Are you a fan of festival style fashion?