Barkbeats April Box Review

The dogs have had a couple of Barkbeats boxes now but I have to say this has got to be our favourite one yet. As soon as I opened it up I knew how much they were going to love it (and had to sneak upstairs to take pictures before they worked out what it was!) If you're new to Barkbeats they're a monthly subscription service for dogs containing a mixture of five or six premium toys, treats and grooming products; this box contained two awesome toys, two huge snacks and a bag of treats but you get a nice variation each month. It's absolutely adorable seeing how excited they get over everything when you open it up, it must be like the doggy equivalent of Christmas. If you're looking to spoil your dog this is definitely the way to go about it, and because it's delivered to your door it's so convenient too! You can either buy six monthly or yearly subscriptions, or one off boxes as a treat. If you go to 'in the box' on the Barkbeats website you can see what previous boxes contained, and pick the one that you think your dog will like the best. Here's what Bowser and Romeo thought of April's box contents!

HappyPet Turtle Toy

The first thing you see when you open up April's box is this big cuddly turtle toy, this was of course immediately snatched out of the box by Bowser who loves anything like this. It's a good size so perfect for a bigger dog (Barkbeats cater for the size of your dog, so boxes for smaller dogs contained a slightly different smaller version), and it feels nice and structured and sturdy- Bowser doesn't tend to rip up his teddies but if you have a dog that's a bit rougher on their toys this should still hold up well. There's a squeaker in the head and the shell is the perfect size for them to grab in their mouth and throw it around. 

Barks and Sparks Muffin

While Bowser was busy throwing the turtle around, Romeo had the chance to sample this healthy dog muffin and it went down a treat. You can see from the picture it's a really good size, a less greedy dog probably would have taken their time with it but he wolfed it down within about two minutes. Barks and Sparks are a bakery that create healthy treats just for dogs, all of the Barkbeats boxes we've received so far have contained a treat from the brand and I'm really glad to have discovered them. This muffin contained fruits, coconut, ginger, oatmeal, olive oil and other all natural ingredients that are beneficial to your dog.

Aspirit Ham Bone

As both dogs are obsessed with bones we were a bit unsure how to divide this up, in the end we let Romeo eat half of it first and then gave Bowser the other half which worked out well. We buy these kinds of bones for them occasionally and they're always a hit, I was glad to see one in the box because I know how much they love them. You do have to supervise your dogs with these, as when they get to the end they can sometimes leave small shards of bone- however we've never had any problems and just keep an eye on them while they're eating them.

Rubber Ring

Both dogs have been loving throwing this around, it's designed for tough chewers which means it will last a long time and is especially good when you have bigger breeds. We've recently had our garden extended (yey!) and so we now have space to throw toys for the dogs to chase, this has become a favourite outdoor toy and they've been playing with it in the garden every day. I can see that this will last for a long time, while it does have teeth marks in it the rubber is really hardwearing and they've made no other rips or damage to it even with it being thrown around outside on concrete.

3 in 1 Lamb Meat Treats
Finally the box contained a pack of lamb meaty treats, these are formulated with no gluten (which is the number one cause of allergies in dogs) and are high in vitamins and minerals including omegas and probiotics. They're designed for sensitive and allergy prone dogs, personally I think that all dog foods and treats should be formulated like this but sadly it's not the case. The treats are quite small so would be good for training and have a very strong meaty smell which as you can imagine the dogs go crazy for. If you do have a sensitive dog then you have nothing to worry about with Barkbeats, every single treat we've had in these boxes has been high quality, natural or designed with sensitive dogs in mind.

Is this something you'd buy for your dog?


  1. I wouldn't touch them. Their promotion last month for a 'one off box' signed everyone up to a subscription leaving many VERY annoyed. Their photographs on the site of what you actually get are misleading as they show the contents of both small AND medium boxes together giving the impression you get more than you actually do.
    They refuse to cancel this months box despite the fact it wont even be shipped until the end of the month.

    Finally buried in their T&C's they have a clause which basically states they can cancel the box and your subscription if they feel you have breached their 'rules' AND they won't be giving you a refund.

    There are many great box services out there for your dog. Bark Beats isn't one of them.

    1. I disagree, I've had three boxes now and they've all been brilliant and I've been really happy with the service. It says on the site that you get 5-6 full sized items, the photos just show the variety of things you could get so I don't think they're misleading personally. Sorry to hear you had a bad time with them though, I can see why you'd be annoyed that they won't cancel this months box as it does say on the site you can cancel any time. But my experience has been all very positive x

  2. Awww, these dogs are super adorable!
    I don't have a dog, nor do I live in the UK, but if I did, I'd totally use this service. I like how the each box has a toy and a few treats to surprise your pets with.

  3. This is a great box! I know my dog would love that turtle toy! xx

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