Five Outdoor Fashion Essentials

Now that the weather is warming up, chances are you're making plans that involve being outdoors; I know I have numerous daytrips, walks and camping trips jotted onto my summer bucket list! When you’re planning a trip outdoors there are certain clothing items and accessories you simply can’t do without- with its stiles, slopes and slippery terrain, the countryside is a far cry from the manicured walkways of city centres. If you don’t dress the part, you could quickly come to regret your fashion choices, last year for example I came home from a day out with my legs completely covered in painful bites so I'm keen to be a bit more prepared this year! Here are five outdoor clothing essentials that look the part, and should definitely be on your shopping list this year if you plan on venturing into the great outdoors.

1. A Waterproof Jacket
Even if the sun’s shining and you can see nothing but blue skies when you leave your house, always be sure to take a good quality waterproof jacket with you when you venture into the countryside. Let’s face it, the British weather is fickle at the best of times and if the heavens open when you’re out and about, you can’t just dash into the nearest store, coffee shop or bar. For a country chic look favoured by celebrities like Lily Allen and Alexa Chung, you could go for a waxed Barbour jacket.

2. Lots of Layers
Even throughout the summer you should still prepare for cold weather, especially if you're camping as even on the hottest days it's still going to be chilly when you first wake up. It can be be tempting to wrap up in big woollen jumpers, but for added flexibility it’s better to layer up instead with items like cotton tops and shirts. This way, if you start to work up a sweat while roaming the country lanes, you can easily cool off by shedding an item or two. Sports luxe is a recurring spring/summer trend, so sports tops and vests are always a good choice.

3. Waterproof Boots or Wellies
I practically live in sandals in the summer, but when it comes to the great outdoors you're going to need something a lot more substantial (especially if it involves traipsing through long grass and up rocky paths!) Sturdy hunting boots and wellies are your best bet as they protect from the elements and give you grip, as well as keep your feet dry if you come across any big puddles or marsh land.

4. Comfy Clothes
Forget skirts and dresses when you’re roughing it in the outdoors, you can be sure that they'll lose lose their glamour when you’re shimmying down hillsides or hopping over fences! Instead opt for clothing items that will keep your legs covered, I don't think you can go far with some sporty leggings as they're comfortable as well as allow you to move around freely. There are a number of options from jackets to socks, vests and t-shirts at that will ensure you're kitted out for the great outdoors.

5. Accessories
Finally don't forget the all important accessories. If it’s chilly out be sure to take some gloves and a scarf, and in the summer some sunglasses are a must. Don't forget a water bottle, mobile phone powerbank charger and some basic first aid- if you go with something like a rucksack you won't be weighing down your shoulder and will keep both hands free.

Are you planning any trips to the great outdoors this summer?


  1. such a handy list, I agree with all of these! Comfy trousers are a must, nothing worse than being stuck in tight jeans and cant even lift your leg up to get over fences and things when you're in the country x

  2. I have a few camping trips planned this year so this was really useful, you have reminded me to bring a powerbank for my phone!