Cute, Quirky Homeware: Teapot Lamp by Iconic Lights

I know lamps aren't typically used in kitchens very much, but after a huge re-organise of mine recently I was in the market for one and on the lookout for something cute. For some reason the light switch in my kitchen is in completely the wrong place, and means you have to walk through from the door to the other side to actually get to it- not helpful when it's pitch black at 3am and you've come downstairs for a glass of water! So I knew a little lamp close to the door would be a good idea, it's quicker to get to and is much easier on the old eyeballs than a huge overhead light when you're downstairs in the evening. And I couldn't have possibly come across a more perfect little lamp- how adorable is this teapot? 

Made of ceramic, the lid is removable and it's the exact size and shape of a regular teapot. In the daytime it literally just looks like a teapot on the shelf, ideal if you need an additional lighting source but don't want to go down the 'typical lamp' route- which I definitely didn't want to do. I think a regular table lamp would just look a bit odd in a kitchen, and would have taken up much more room than I had to spare anyway. This not only fits perfectly within a kitchen setting but is nice and compact too, which is an added bonus if you have a small kitchen like me. One of the best things about this is the surprise element once you switch it on, because you'd never guess it was a lamp it looks really unusual and unique when it's lit up I absolutely love it. It takes an odd little 'g9' bulb which I've not actually seen before, however they're really cheap on ebay I bought mine here. While it's not quite as bright as a standard lamp (so probably not ideal as a task light for things like crafts or reading) it still gives off a good amount of light and brings a nice soft ambience to a room.

With it being a teapot shape it's great for places like the kitchen and dining room, although it would make a fun quirky accessory in any room really. I also think this would be the best little homeware gift for a tea lover! If you've ever considered a lamp for your kitchen but decided against it on the grounds that it wouldn't look right, this is the answer to your problems.

What's the most unusual lamp you have in your home?


  1. I love it, so cool how it looks just like a normal lamp in the day time! xx

    1. You would never tell it was a lamp until its switched on, I love it! x