Smooth, Sleek Holiday Hair With Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Straighteners

What do you do with your hair when you're away on holiday? It's a bit of a difficult one really, because although you want to be comfortable and relaxed you still want to look nice. Spending hours in front of the mirror styling your hair is definitely off the agenda while you're away, and so it's all about looks which are quick to do but still look pretty. Being on holiday is a good chance to embrace your natural hair texture, and for many that involves a quick scrunch through with some salt spray to achieve gorgeous beachy waves. However if you're straight haired like me, that just isn't an option (anyone that's ever attempted using mousse or salt spray on straight hair will be well aware that you get much more 'hobo' than 'boho') quite frankly, it doesn't work. And so embracing your natural straight hair texture can be a quick run through with straighteners instead, just to make it look a bit more smooth and glossy. I've been testing out this beautiful new straightener from Nicky Clarke's Diamond Shine range; whether you're looking to give a quick boost to straight hair or completely straighten waves or curls, this thing is incredible. Here are some of the reasons it should be in your holiday suitcase this year!

When it comes to straighteners GHDs tend to be the benchmark or point of reference, however there's one major downfall with them- there's no way to adjust the temperature. For those with thicker hair this might not be too much of a problem, however for me it's a dealbreaker. Having fine hair that's easy to sizzle I like to keep the temperature as low as possible when I use any heat styling tool, this is especially important when you're on holiday as it's already prone to dryness because of the warmer weather. With five heat settings there's something for all hair types on this one, and taking only fifteen seconds to be fired up and ready to go there's no messing around waiting for them to heat up. There's something about sleek white appliances like this that I love, the white with rose gold accents is a match made in heaven and they're so much prettier than regular old black straighteners. They have the diamante on the handle to represent the diamond dust that's finely ground and mixed with the tourmaline plates, this  is no gimmick as it has the benefit of providing a super hard smooth surface which in turn prevents the hair from tearing or snagging. The surface of the heating components of this range are something else, they're so incredibly smooth that they literally glide through the hair I've never come across anything else like it. Another huge selling point for me is the automatic safety shut off feature, these switch off automatically after one hour. No matter how careful I am or how deliberately I turn off my straightners in the morning, there's always that small niggling worry of 'did I turn them off' that creeps into my head a few hours later. I love that this gives you peace of mind, and you can get on with your day without the worry of accidently burning your room down!

Not only do they look pretty and have the added benefit of containing real diamond dust in the plates, but they really do work incredibly well too. They leave hair looking so smooth and sleek with very little effort, and without having to crank up the heat to the maximum setting. Admittedly my hair is easy to straighten as I don't have to deal with frizz or flatten down any curls, however I've used loads of straighteners over the years and the overall performance of these has got to be the best. Whether you're looking for an easy way to style your hair while you're away on holiday or are just in the market for a pair of new straighteners, this pair are well worth the investment.

Have you tried any of Nicky Clarke's heat styling tools?


  1. This sounds amazing. I hardly ever use straighteners now so the one I have is quite old. But I've been thinking to purchase a new better one and the diamond dust definitely caught my attention x

  2. These sound great! I love the fact that there's different heat settings. x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. they're really pretty, and sound amazing too :) x