Barkbeats August Box

While my dogs are not too keen on the postman (or most people who knock our door for that matter judging by the amount they bark their heads off) they're certainly a fan of their Barkbeats delivery box! If you haven't caught any of my previous reviews for Barkbeats, in a nutshell they're a treat box for dogs containing a mixture of five or six premium items from treats to toys to grooming products. Mine is split between my two dogs; I didn't manage to get any good photos of Romeo this time as he's not keen on the camera flash so closes his eyes in every picture, but rest assured he was very much there cashing in on his half of the goodies. August's box contained five items; two toys and three treats- here's how it went down.

Rosewood Toy Collections Soft Toy
As predictable as ever, Bowser grabbed and ran off with the toy as soon as I had the cardboard packaging off. This is a really nice little teddy it reminds me a bit of Tony the Frosties tiger (but cuter... and without the creepy voice). This was definitely the star of the box for him this time around, within five minutes it was covered in slobber and had been thrown in the air and around the room about a hundred times. This has a squeaker in the belly which he did eventually rip out, however the rest of it is still in tact and he's been playing with it every day. 

Hov Hov Lollipop
Because Bowser always steals the toys from the box I give the tastiest looking treat to Romeo. This time it was this a 'lollipop' biscuit by Hov Hov, made with oats, yoghurt, cranberries and other healthy ingredients. Barkbeats always include brands that use really good ingredients, so perfect if your dog is sensitive to certain things or you just want to give them the best quality treats possible. My only complaint with this is that I couldn't easily pull the lolly stick out of it, so instead had to hold it for him until the biscuit was broken enough to take it out. Not a big deal, but just means you can't give it to them right away until that's removed.

Boswelia Tomato Snacks
These actually smell quite nice, which is definitely not something I usually say about the dogs treats! Again these are natural and home baked with ingredients that are good for your pooch, there's plenty in there too so they last for ages. I can't find much information about this brand online but based on these I'd definitely buy more from them if I happen to come across them.

Barks and Sparks Ice Cream
I thought this was such a cool idea. To create the ice cream you mix the powder with water or natural yoghurt in the pot, pop into the freezer and a few hours later- viola, dog friendly ice cream! What a cute idea for a summer treat for your dog, while this little pot didnt go far between the two of them they both had a taste and LOVED it. I think they like eating cold things as they're also obsessed with ice cubes. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a picture of this as once it was ready I gave it to the dogs without thinking, but needless to say they liked it a lot.

Rosewood Tyre Toy
This is a natural rubber tyre toy with a rope on one end, perfect for destructive chewers and bigger dogs. Not only is it fun for them to play with but it also removes dental plaque on your dogs teeth as they chew it. You can use it to play fetch, tug of war with it or just as a chew toy. After getting over the initial excitement of the teddy bear Bowser has decided he likes this a lot, and keeps dropping it on our lap until we play tug of war with him. He also likes the game 'come and chase me with this toy' which he's doing in the second picture...which I have to admit is a lot more fun for him than it is for me.

Do you think your dog would like any of these?


  1. First of all, HOW CUTE IS BOWSER AT ALL!? <3
    He looks so happy with his tyre "Yay tyre, my tyre"

    This box looks great I can imagine most dogs loving this. I've seen a few animal boxes lately, I think they are a good idea but my cats would stick their noses up at them, give them treats and they're like "what is this?" give them toys and it's "what do you want me to do with this?" most boring (but cute) cats ever. xD xx

  2. How cute! I have always wanted to get my doggy a subscription box but he wants nothing to do with toys, so it would be a waste. :[