Esqido Lashlorette Lashes and Companion Lash Glue Review

False lashes are definitely a beauty essential in my book, I can't imagine getting ready for a special occasion or night out without them. I spent years looking for a mascara that would make my lashes look at least similar to the look they give with no luck whatsoever- you might get length and volume piling it on but you quickly lose that really pretty and fluttery look that false lashes give. Over the past year Esqido have been my brand of choice and I've had no reason to deviate from them, they're by far the best quality lashes out there and are just a cut above anything else I've ever tried. With their thin and flexible cotton band they're comfortable to wear and the lashes themselves look so realistic (they use mink hair that's naturally shed from the animal meaning they're also cruelty free). Top that off with the fact that each pair can be re-worn up to twenty five times, why would I choose anything else?!

This time around I've been testing out their 'Lashlorette' style which has a beautiful criss-cross design at the base of the lashes, giving a really nice natural look on the eye. They're the perfect length that mean they're not overly dramatic but don't look 'lost' on the eye either, just a nice balance that looks great for both daytime and evening. They give you the fluttery false lash effect without looking fake, and overall just make your eyes look a million times better than the best mascara ever could.

What's even better is that now Esqido have their own brand of eyelash glue too. I have to admit, the glue I've used previously is not very conventional. For years I've used the glue used to stick in hair extensions; luckily for my poor hair I stopped gluing my extension wefts in years ago, but continued to use the glue for my lashes as it comes in a huge tube so lasts ages and works pretty well. The only downside is it can leave a bit of a gummy residue on the lashes once they're removed, and so I've been long overdue to switch to something else. And I couldn't be happier with Companion, first of all just look at the gorgeous packaging; the stunning rose gold lid ties in with the inserts in the lash boxes. It comes in a sleek glass tube and has a fine tip which makes applying just the right amount so easy (another thing I struggled with, with my previous glue!) And best of all it works perfectly, one of the reasons I was reluctant to change is because when I first started wearing lashes so many of the glues I tried were useless. I've had ones that either didn't stick, that stuck like superglue and ruined my lashes or formulas that would make my eyes water like crazy. This does neither of those things, and I can't fault it in the slightest. While the lashes could be considered as a bit of a luxury purchase, the glue is only $10 (around £6.50) so an incredibly good price.

What are your favourite style of Esqido lashes?


  1. Those lashes look beautiful, and the lash glue sounds great!


  2. The lash glue sounds awesome! x

  3. The lashes look amazing and yet still natural at the same time! Also the glue sounds fab! I wish I could put false eyelashes on but I'm just so bad at it - I find it way too fiddly!
    Rachel Coco

  4. Atleast those lashes looks pretty and natural as rachel marie said, I don't like fake lashes that returns barbie doll look, I didn't yet try ESQIDO brand, but fells to give it a go after reading this honest review, Huge thanks from Angela, Sheffield Hairdressers from UK