Five Reasons You Should Be Epilating

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Epilating... when you've never done it before it can be quite a scary thought, you're removing unwanted hair directly from the root using an electrical device (ouch!) I first started epilating last year and I still remember how unsure I was, holding it up to my leg and taking a deep breath almost certain I was going to scream my head off. However, they're really NOT as painful as you think- in fact the pain is so much more bearable than methods like waxing and over time it's definitely something you get more used to. While they can hurt a bit to begin with, the benefits far outweigh the negatives and if I can get used to it trust me anyone can! Let's take a look at the five most worthwhile reasons to make the switch to an epilator

Removes the Smallest of Hairs
Forget about letting your hair grow to uncontrollable lengths before you can effectively wax. Epilators can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm, at any time. No more waiting around to use this or that method, you can have smooth silky skin whenever you want.

Longer Lasting Results
Nothing can compare in effectiveness to an epilator, plucking from the roots is as good as it gets! Plucking from the roots causes your hairs to take longer to grow back, resulting in you remaining smooth for up to four weeks longer. That's opposed to traditional shaving where you're already getting stubble after a few days.

Epilators Can Be Used Anywhere
These days, the latest epilator models come with all sorts of different attachments, this means that each device has a multitude of uses so you really get your money's worth. All attachments are designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

Money & Space Saver
Fed up of constantly stocking your cupboards with gels, creams, razors, shavers? How about all the components you need for waxing? With all those inconveniences in mind, consider that epilators are a one time investment which if looked after will last for several years. You don't need loads of accessories that always need to be replaced, just the best epilator you can buy and the attachments which make using it so easy!

Sensitive Skin Friendly
Epilation is ideal for everyone, including people with sensitive skin who may have ruled out a number of other hair removal methods. This is because epilators don't pull the skin when removing hair, plus they're used without soaps or chemicals unlike shaving, waxing and hair removal cream so is ideal if you're sensitive or allergic to ingredients in those. Additionally, people new to epilation or individuals with sensitive skin can protect their skin by using epilators that are designed to be used in the bath, the warm water causes the pores to open meaning removing the hair is even easier.

If you're having trouble deciding which epilator to get, or just generally want some more information on shaving related topics I recommend checking out and having a little look around. They've got loads of epilator reviews as well as lots of tips and tricks for shaving that are worth a read.

Have you ever used an epilator?


  1. I've always been scared about the idea of using an epilator, but I might have to give it a go now. xx

    1. they do sound scary lol, but honestly give it a go the results are so worth it x

  2. I have used an epilator for years now and can't imagine switching back to anything else. It's virtually painless for me and so effective.

    1. Ive been epilating for around a year now and much prefer it to any other method, I agree its so effective! x