How to Make Your Home Look More Interesting

image source: Pinterest
Our homes are where we relax, re-energize, and get inspired, so it's important to be able to maintain your home space in a way that keeps you motivated. Of course going out and spending a lot of money on a complete renovation every time you fancy a change isn’t practical, however if you're smart about it there's plenty you can switch up to work around your existing furniture. Walls for example are a blank canvas of endless possibilities, the only problem is it can be difficult to know what to do with them. This is something I really struggled with when I was putting my rooms together, as I wanted to find the right balance between 'interesting' and 'cluttered' and give a personal touch without closing in the space. After a lot of trial and error, here are some of my favourite ideas to curb the bare-wall boredom.

Adding complementary elegant sconces to a wall can dress it up significantly. Other than being a great contrast piece, sconces also diffuse the light well and are one of those items that can bring a touch of color to the room. However you decide to feature them, sconces are a nice touch that add an air of understated simplicity and allow the wall to remain clean and uncluttered.

Gallery Wall
Gallery walls are a huge home decor trendand design blogs/ Pinterest do this SO well. This is always something I've wanted to try as it gives a real personal yet trendy look to a wall, but there's definitely an art to it so it's worth checking out inspiration and different ways to hang your prints and pictures before going ahead. If you have a bare wall that just seems to really stick out, a minimal ‘art gallery’ would be a great way to counteract it, plus you can switch out the photos in the frames in order to keep things fresh and interesting.

A Personal Touch
For a room to really tell the story of your life, sometimes it needs actual words- and so framed quotes are cute way to decorate. Not only does this look good but you're able to really display your personality and what's meaningful to you. I think this is an especially good idea for decorating your home office/ workspace, perfect for that added boost of motivation.

For The Love of Photos
Speaking of being personal, what better way to showcase your life than with your photos? I think most of us are snap happy this day in age when our phones have such great cameras on, so it's nice to put your favourites on show. Large and unframed black and white photos or posters, like the ones seen on sites like Posterlounge for example, are also a creative way to dress up an empty wall. The absence of frames allows the pictures to really be focal without distraction and its a great alternative way to display your favourite photos and prints.

What ideas do you have to make your walls more exciting?