Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

As much as makeup and good skincare can dramatically improve your look, for me a good hair day is always a good day. And if there's one product that guarantees a huge confidence boost, it's a set of new hair extensions. There are three main things I look for when it comes to extensions: sturdy clips, thickness and softness- and this set from Irresistible Me passes on all three with flying colours. The clips snap shut tightly so they don't slide out or stick up, there's no roughness to the hair and they taper naturally at the ends without looking thin or ratty. They're just about as close to perfect as I've ever experienced, and seeing as I've been buying hair extensions for ten years now I think that's pretty good going!

Along with being fantastic quality, these are also the most beautifully packaged extensions I've ever seen. Even expensive extensions I've had in the past have come in the usual plastic sleeve, which is fine but this was such a treat to open and gives them a real air of luxury. Inside the box your extensions are inside a security sealed plastic wallet with the hair itself inside a net which prevents it from tangling. I'm so impressed at how well thought out the packaging is, and how it ensures that your hair reaches you in perfect condition. Colour wise I went for the ash blonde shade, I've kept my hair around this colour for most of this year now and I have to say I really like it and find it a flattering colour for me. In the past I always had my hair at one extreme or the other- usually platinum blonde but occasionally black or very dark brown, it's only been more recently that I've been enjoying mid coloured shades. If you prefer lighter hair but are struggling with maintenance I highly recommend this ash blonde colour, it looks very natural and means you're able to stay light without as much upkeep or damage. The extensions have a gorgeous multi tonal effect which not only makes the colour look more natural but also helps the shade to blend seamlessly into your own hair too. I have the 20 inch length which is my favourite length for extensions, it's a bit longer than my natural hair so I love the added length plus even once you curl it it still looks long (for reference, I'm around 5'6 and these come to waist length on me). One of the things I love about this set is the sheer amount of hair you get, I'm a huge fan of the triple wefted mesh piece which gives you loads of extra thickness without having to clip in masses of clips! 

At 189 dollars for the 20 inch set (around £120) these are definitely not a budget choice, however when it comes to hair extensions more often than not you get what you pay for and so it's worth spending the extra to ensure quality. Not only do they look and feel nicer but last for longer too, I can tell that this set is going to last me for a really long time. The hair itself is so incredibly soft and silky and the clips snap shut so tightly that there's no looseness or slip whatsoever- they're just perfect. They're easily the best extensions I've ever tried and highly recommend Irresistible Me if you're looking for a new set.

Have you ever bought extensions from Irresistible Me?


  1. I'm always wearing hair extensions either clip ins or micro loops but removed them as I'm going on holiday soon. I've looked all the time but never actually ordered from here but you've defiantly convinced me.

    1. yeah its nice to give your hair a break from them now and again especially if you're going away :) I do genuinely recommend these, such great quality x

  2. They look great, I need new extensions badly going to have a look on this site now :)

  3. omg, so pretty!!