Lights and Accessories For All Year Round at UK Christmas World

A Christmas themed post in September? Don't worry, I haven't gone mad; as much as I love the festive season (and as excited as I was to discover a website called UK Christmas World) it's not something I'm thinking about just yet. I was pleased to find out that along with their huge selection of Christmas stock, UK Christmas World also sell a selection of cute lights, gifts and home accessories that are suitable for all year round. I went with a bit of a bird theme with this order, I'm a huge fan of bird and woodland-y shabby chic decorative pieces and thought these would be perfect little additions to my home. Here are my thoughts on what I got!

I'm pretty sure I've never invested in a doormat before and I have no idea why; they're a nice welcoming touch plus they have the added bonus of being practical and reduce mud and dirt being traipsed into your house on peoples shoes. I really like the design of this because it's fun without being too bright or loud. This can be used both indoor and out, but the site states it will last longer when placed somewhere covered like in the house or inside a porch. I'll probably leave this outside up until the rainy winter weather sets in, then bring it inside the house until next spring. I think along with some pretty hanging baskets and a nicely presented front garden, this would give a lovely welcoming appearance to any front door.

LED Wooden Birdhouse Lights* (£14.99)
These are the cutest little lights, I absolutely love how they look. I already thought they looked gorgeous when I opened the box, but was so impressed when I switched them on. There are ten LED lights each with a birdhouse cover, they all have different designs and the cutout detail is really pretty and looks great with the light shining through them. They're wooden so feel really sturdy, I think £15 is a bit more expensive than similar LED string lights like this but the price is well justified because they're so well made. I know I'll get loads of use from these over the autumn, along with some candles they add a beautiful soft glow to a room. The instructions state that while they aren't waterproof they can be used outside to decorate gazebos and parasols which I think would look so pretty on a summers evening, although since the weather has took a turn for the worst lately I'll probably stick to using them either in my bedroom or living room for the rest of this year now. I think these would also be ideal as a little wedding decorations, or even as a gift because they come nicely boxed. Another bonus about is they actually come with a set of batteries too, which is something you hardly ever find!

Have you heard of UK Christmas World?


  1. Those birdhouse lights are absolutely adorable. I will be purchasing these I love them, cant wait to what else there is too x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I'd never even heard of UK Christmas World but I'm so in love with your bird lights I might take a look :)

    Rosy |

  3. I've not heard of Christmas World, but might have to check it out now! X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥