Must-Have Accessories For AW15

The accessory market this season is overflowing with gorgeous pieces and fun ideas, for me personally shopping for autumn and winter accessories is actually more enjoyable than shopping for clothes! I've been browsing for ideas everywhere from designer collections to fashion blogs and magazines. Here are some I wanted to point out as must-haves for the seasons ahead.

Bucket Bags (Instead Of Handbags)
As much as I love a good handbag, every now and then I do find myself wishing I could have something that held a little bit more without sacrificing style. Luckily for me, 2015's trends have answered my prayers. The bucket bag, a brilliant hybrid between purse and backpack, is everywhere heading into the autumn, showing up in a variety of colours, materials, and particular styles. A recent editorial at Bustle identified this as a '90s throwback trend (which I had to think about for a minute), but it read my mind regarding why it's so much fun: "the bucket bag provides us with convenience and chicness."

Flower Drop Earrings
This idea is a little more specific than the massive trend toward bucket bags, but it's one I noticed on Lyst's jewellery section and absolutely loved. They're really beautiful pieces; drop earrings with delicate yet playful floral ornaments weighing down the ends. I also love the fact that they give the perfect touch of colour to an autumn or winter outfit. I'm quite guilty of opting for all black everything with my outfits and so being able to inject some colour and lightness with accessories is always a good thing. Whether it's with a scarf, statement necklace or a pair of earrings like this.

Lace-Up Heels
The Blonde Salad's recent post likened this trend to a 'cold weather version of the gladiator sandals' that were so popular this past spring and summer, which I thought was really fitting. Sexy while still being sophisticated, they're the perfect accompaniment to any evening outfit over the autumn and winter. 

Berets are part of a greater movement toward decidedly Parisian looks that we're seeing this year, they've been Highlighted by Fashionista as one of the biggest accessory trends of the season. I'll be the first to admit that a beret is kind of difficult to embrace if you're not used to wearing one, although they're a practical and stylish alternative to the woolly hats and the like that many of us will reaching for to fend off the cold later in the year! The beret idea is one I'm excited to try out when the time comes in another few months.

These four concepts only comprise a small portion of the high volume of accessory trends making the rounds this season. However, they're four of the most unique and exciting ones to get into, and I for one will be exploring them thoroughly in the months to come!

Which of the season's accessories are you most eager to look into?

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  1. Berets look so cute, I need to try one on to see if I can pull it off x