The Body Shop Spa of the World

My favourite place to shop for bath and body products is definitely The Body Shop, I love having a browse whenever I'm in need of a little pick me up and fancy some pampering treats without spending a fortune (you have to admit, their sales are pretty amazing!) Their newest collection features a range of spa inspired products from across the globe, allowing you to pamper yourself in luxury from the comfort of your own home. I'm a huge fan of indulgent products like this that really allow you to relax- as quite a stressy person in general I find that being able to unwind and relax is paramount to my wellbeing, and what better way to do that than to indulge in beautifully created products. This entire range looks truly stunning and there's not one thing here that I wouldn't want to try, however these are the three things that caught my eye most and that I've been trialling over the last couple of weeks. 

Africa: African Ximenia Scrub
Ximenia oil comes from the seeds of the ximenia fruit, grown in Namibia in Africa; the luxuriously rich oil is traditionally used by African women to moisturise their hair and skin, as well as a massage oil. The tree from which the fruit grows is referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’ which gives an indication to the amazing properties of what it yields! The Body Shop have incorporated this powerful ingredient into their African Ximenia Scrub which is the most beautifully rich and creamy exfoliator I've ever used. I think exfoliators are one product that many companies struggle to get right- they're often either too harsh, not harsh enough or too watery making them difficult to use. However The Body Shop have got this just right, it's beautifully creamy and works so well without leaving you red raw.

Lemongrass is widely used in Thailand; the fragrant tropical grass is often used in cooking as well as in tea, medicine and even as a preservative. For centuries it has been cherished in traditional Thai massage for its revitalising effect on body and mind, with its invigorating scent being known to boost vitality and awaken senses. As an aromatherapy oil, lemongrass is useful for treating headaches and improves circulation- an all round perfect ingredient for a pampering massage oil. Massage oils typically use quite calming and relaxing scents such as lavender, but I love how this a stark contrast and is instead really rejuvenating.  I absolutely love the smell of lemongrass; it's extremely aromatic and has fresh, uplifting scent that has a zingy almost spicy note to it. If you feel as though you wouldn't get much use from just a massage oil you're in luck, as it can be used as a regular beauty oil for skin and hair too. 

Charcoal powder is an ancient Asian beauty secret, with lots of known benefits. First of all it's highly absorbent, which draws dirt, debris, toxins, and free radicals from the pores making it a powerful skin cleanser. It has detoxifying properties, helps to clear up skin conditions such as acne and can even kill viruses, bacteria and fungus on contact! This is the product that I was most intrigued to try, I love charcoal face masks and find the thought of the charcoal literally drawing out the nasties from the pores both disgusting yet extremely satisfying. I have to admit it feels a bit strange slathering your body in what looks like an opaque grey face mask, but the effects are just fantastic and leave the skin feeling SO soft. Plus it was also nice to try something completely different, and makes for a great addition to a pamper evening.

Have you tried anything from this range?


  1. I've been to store and fell in love with Japanese Camellia cream. Loving its texture and its scent! So relaxing! But the African Ximenian Scrub is definitely a luxe. I wish I can grab them all!

    1. The Japanese Camellia cream is next on my list to try, it sounds amazing x

  2. I have my eye on the Polynesian beauty oil, the reviews sound great. All of this range seems very luxe x