Wedding Dresses For Brides on a Budget

With the average wedding costing well in excess of £20,000, it's no wonder so many are looking for ways to cut down and find cheaper alternatives. Whether it's DIYing some of your decorations, arranging your own flowers or even baking your own wedding cake- if you have the right skills there are a number of options to bring down that eye watering price. The dress is a huge part of any wedding and is often one aspect brides aren't willing to compromise on, however with the average wedding dress costing over £1300 it's well worth looking into more budget friendly options, rather than racking up debt or blowing your entire life savings. Lots of sites now offer dresses at a fraction of what you'd pay in a boutique, with a huge selection of styles and even give you the option to have it made to your own custom measurements. Here are some of the styles I like the look of best, and think would make any bride look beautiful without anyone knowing you saved a whole load of money.

I love how perfectly understated this is, and how it's still really pretty without the need for a huge skirt or lots of sparkle. I think this would be great for brides that don't want 'the dress to wear them' on their big day, and want to make sure they're the focus of everyone's attention without masses of fabric.

The a-line shape of this one is flattering but unlike the first dress there's still some volume in the skirt to give it a bit more drama. While heavier materials like satin aren't my first choice personally, this would be ideal for a bride looking for something a bit more traditional.

The cut of this dress would make it a perfect choice for a bride looking to show off their figure on their wedding day (which makes sense, seeing as most brides-to-be tend to workout and lose weight before the big event!) The coloured sash at the back is also a nice way to incorporate your wedding colour into your dress.

If you want to feel like a princess on your big day you can't go wrong with something like this. From the sparkly corset top to the dramatic skirt it's definitely a statement piece! A few years ago I'd have probably gone for something just like this, these days I'm more drawn to simpler designs although I do still love this and think it's a beautiful dress.

This is definitely my favourite of the five, and I'm pretty sure this is the kind of dress I'll go for when I get married. I love the floaty tulle skirt to the fitted bodice, sweetheart neckline and small amount of detail and sparkle with the belt. So pretty! 

What kind of wedding dress did you/ will you choose to get married in?

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