Designing Your Own Wedding Dress

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Despite the fact that I won't be getting married for a few years yet, I have no shame in admitting that I know exactly how I want the day to look. I know what flowers I want, the colour theme, how the cake will look and the kind of dress I'm going to wear. But while I've found dresses that are almost exactly what I want, I'm yet to find one that fits the bill in every single way- and trust me I've looked a lot! And so discovering a website which offers you the ability to design your own wedding dress excites me massively. I'm sure anyone who's ever looked at wedding dresses has had the same thoughts as me 'if only that bodice came with that skirt' or 'that would be perfect if it wasn't for that detail'; so many dresses are so close to being right but not quite there and so something like this is just amazing. To top it off the prices are really affordable- starting from just £130 it wont take up your entire wedding budget. Here's how it works!

First you begin by submitting your request, giving the details and ideas for your dress. You're able to combine two or more different dresses, or use one dress as basic style and modify it as you like. You can begin with any dress from their site or even something you've found elsewhere which is amazing and really means the sky is the limit; their team of skilled workers include designers, pattern makers, tailors and decoration workers who can add things like embroidery and beading. Everything is fully customisable such as the fabric, colour, embellishment, closure, neckline, back, train length and more. One of their team will then get back to you and offer you a free sketch of how your custom dress will look from a professional designer. There's no deposit required and so you only make your payment when everything is designed and agreed, which I think is great.

Once your design has been finalised, your dress is put together using high quality fabrics. They use materials including soft mesh from Taiwan, organza from the U.S and French lace which provide the foundation for your beautiful custom made dress. Most custom made dresses take three to six months to make, but Lunss have streamlined the process and you can have your dress with you in around a month- they even offer free postage and packaging too. I can say without hesitation that this is something I'll be using when I come to order my wedding dress, I've already seen both the top and bottom sections on different dresses that I'd like to combine and the modifications I'd want (such as add a lace up back as opposed to the buttons on the original dresses). If you've ever dreamed of designing your own dress but believed it would be out of your budget I highly recommend checking out Lunss.

Would you design your own wedding dress? 


  1. The sketches look so gorgeous.. I think I would need to go try out a bunch to find out what flatters my body shape... Even then, I actually have no clue what I would do..

    1. I think going into a shop to try some dresses on would be a good idea so you know what suits you. Once you know the general style then something like this is perfect for getting the exact dress you want :) x

  2. As an aspiring designer, I've always wanted my wedding dress to be completely unique! It sounds like such a good idea but I've got ages to think about wedding dresses haha