Giving Dry Hair a Boost With Touch of Silver Intensive Treatment Shots

by - Saturday, October 03, 2015

Earlier in the week I noticed that my hair needed a bit of a pick-me-up; it felt dry, looked dull and overall just wasn't at it's best. I'm not sure if it was a result of too much sunshine over the summer or if I've just become a bit lax with my haircare routine lately, but this weekend a moisture boost was definitely on the cards. And these little treatment shots have been just the thing for the job, despite Touch of Silver generally being aimed towards blondes (their famous purple toning products are staples whenever my colour starts looking brassy) these shots contain no colour altering pigments and so can be used by anyone. And even if you're not blonde I highly recommend giving these a go, these little powerhouses provide such a massive amount of hydration anyone with dry or damaged hair will massively benefit.

Each shot contains just 12ml of product, if you're skeptical about what this tiny amount can do I don't blame you because I was too. But trust me, this small amount is all you need to feel a huge difference. After washing, you pour a shot into your hands and apply to the hair, which creates a very light lather which allows it to easily cover your entire head. After a few minutes simply rinse it out, I could even feel how much smoother my hair was a this stage but after blowdrying I couldn't believe the difference it had made. My hair went from dry and drab to soft and shiny within one wash, while I've experienced this with very high end products it's rare for me to find something on the highstreet that performs as well after just one use. Not only does it look better but I can feel the difference it's made too- it's the exact boost that my hair needed.

You get three of the shots in a pack that can be used either weekly or just whenever you feel like your hair needs it. They're so handy to have in your stash, they're tiny so take up hardly any room and ideal to have on hand if you need to improve the look of your hair in a short amount of time. These are definitely something I'll continue to repurchase, at under £5 they're cheaper than most highstreet masques (and work a lot better than most of them too!)

Do you have any tips for improving dry hair?

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  1. they sound great, I need to try something like this my hair is frazzled after the summer

    1. Mine too, give these a try they made so much difference! :) x

  2. They sound interesting!
    What has really helped me is using Dove shampoo and conditioner. Then, once a week, I'd use Pantene Clarifying shampoo. Is Dove available in the UK?

    1. We do get Dove here, it's one of my favourite highstreet brands! :) I'm with you on the Dove shampoo and conditioner, such great products and so inexpensive too x


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