My Favourite Autumn/ Winter Nail Polish Combo

by - Friday, October 16, 2015

The change of season means it's finally out with the pastels and brights and in with the darker shades! Even though I tend to prefer pastels and lighter colours in general, I do like to switch it up at this time of year and pull out all of my favourite darker lipsticks and nail polishes (Kate by Rimmel Shade 107 how I've missed you!) Two standout nail polishes in my collection that are just autumn and winter in a nutshell are 'Conduct Yourself' and 'Loco Motive' by China Glaze both from the 'All Aboard' 2014 range. Beautiful worn alone or together, I usually go for Conduct Yourself on all nails with two layers of Loco Motive just on the accent nail which makes for a gorgeously festive looking manicure. Here's what I think to both shades!

 Conduct Yourself
What a shade this is- if there's a more perfect colour for autumn and winter then I'm yet to find it. A deep burgundy/ berry hue with a very fine shimmer running through it, you can see why it's a firm favourite for this time of year. I really do love berry tones like this, they're flattering on both pale and dark skin alike and make a statement without going down the classic red route. I don't find wear time to be particularly impressive with this (by the end of the second day there's usually noticeable tip wear) although I think it's to be expected with darker shades like this, as you do usually have to repaint them more often. 

Loco Motive
Again, such a pretty polish for the autumn. This is actually quite a unique glitter mix and a bit different from anything else I own- along with the larger hexagonal copper pieces is a mixture of what appears to be purple/ navy blue micro shimmer. The effect on the nail is just stunning, while I'd definitely use this as a top coat (rather than try to build up layers of glitter) it really adds something special to both dark and light base polishes. Used on the accent nail over Conduct Yourself, I don't think you can get a more perfect autumn manicure.

What's your favourite autumn/ winter nail polish?

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  1. That dark shade is so nice! I love dark purples/red come autumn time as they're so classic and chic for the season :) The Loco Motive polish is so pretty!! Tania xx

    1. they're so perfect for autumn arent they! These have got to be my favourite berry polishes :) x

  2. Replies
    1. They're beautiful, some of the nicest I've found for this time of year! :) x

  3. This is a gorgeous combo!! I love colors like Conduct Yourself for fall and winter: pretty deep reds :)

    1. Me too, I love this burgundy kind of shade especially as I think it looks more flattering than classic red :) x


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