How to Keep Skin Looking Youthful and Rewind The Years

We can all accept skin issues such as minor laugh lines or faint under eye circles as a natural sign of aging, however if you have reached the point where you barely recognise the person you see in the mirror it can be devastating to your confidence. Luckily there are different skin treatments available to help you hold on to your youth, or rewind some of the years from your skin. Here are some of the best options for controlling skin health. 

 Scheduling a Facelift Surgery to Treat Skin Problems 
The most invasive form of skin treatment is of course surgery, facelifts specifically are able to give drastic results and can remove wrinkles quickly. However surgery is a huge decision; if for example you're nervous of being put under with anasthetic or going under the knife you might want to explore different options. Another reason to research the alternatives is if you have other skin problems besides wrinkles which wont respond well to a facelift. Because this type of surgery can't be done on other body parts (such as the neck, hands and decolletage) having a facelift alone could spoil the overall result. On top of all of that, facelifts can be risky and have long recovery times. All of these things need to be considered before taking the plunge. 

 Treating Skin Issues With Lasers 
There are several advantages of using a medical laser to treat skin problems instead of having facelift surgery. One obvious advantage is that lasers can treat skin on multiple parts of your body, giving a more youthful appearance overall- as opposed to a very tight and wrinkle free face with signs of aging elsewhere which is a dead giveaway that you've had work done. Another advantage is that you won't have to endure surgery or anesthesia making it safer with a faster recovery time. However a downside is that you will likely need a series of laser treatments before seeing a dramatic difference. Laser types and treatments can vary quite a bit- for example there are ablative lasers which affect only the top layer of skin, while non-ablative lasers focus on the deeper tissues well as well. There are also fraxal machines, which perform entirely different treatments. The best choice for you depends on both the type of skin you have and the specific skin issue you are trying to treat. 

 Your Alternatives Don't Stop There 
There are plenty of other skin treatments that you could try instead of lasers or facelift surgeries. They range from simple solutions such as topical creams, to clinical treatments including microdermabrasion, Botox injections, or chemical peels. Which option you choose depends on everything from your personal preferences and budget to the type of skin condition you are trying to get rid of. Factors like your skin type and colour can also influence the type of procedure that you should have. The best solution is to consult a dermatologist or trained clinician for recommendations, they can help you to figure out a plan that will get your skincare routine back on track.

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  1. I would 100% get a face lift if I needed it when I was older. I think as long as it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it!