Tigi Bed Head 'Dumb Blonde' Range For Chemically Treated Hair

If you're going to put chemicals on your hair- whether it's to lighten it, darken it, make it straighter or more curly- you really do have to commit to the aftercare. Chemically treated hair is always going to be weaker, and without the right products it's just going to continue getting more broken, brittle and unmanageable. This was definitely something I underestimated the first time I bleached my hair, and I learned the hard way when I ended up with a mangled mop that took the best part of two years to put right. A few years on I'm thankfully a bit wiser, and am happy to spend the time and effort on things like oils, masks and specialist products to make sure my lightened hair stays in good condition. Two products I've recently been using are from Tigi's Dumb Blonde range; these are specifically formulated for chemically treated hair. Especially great for bleached blondes, but the reconstructing nature of them means they're ideal for anyone with chemically treated hair.

Containing 'hydrolysed keratin' (the key protein found in your hair) the products are able to improve resistance to breakage, exactly what hair that has been left weak needs. It's formulated with a number of 'fibre actives', these are able to penetrate the hair fibre which helps to repair it from the inside out. Many products will only ever coat the surface of the hair, and while this can be useful for protecting from further damage it wont actually recondition or hydrate the hair. The conditioner uses protein booster technology to help restore hair at it's core, and milk extract and keratin to protect the strands externally so it really does give it everything it needs. The transition from warm to cool weather can be hard on anyone's hair, but to those of us that regularly bleach and dye it's even more of a problem. Mine had been feeling on the drier side, but since using these I've noticed a definite improvement in the softness and shine. They feel luxurious to use which is always good, and it's nice to know that every time you're washing your hair you're doing it some good rather than drying it out even further.

I love the salon style packaging and the pineapple/ tropical scent is amazing- I was expecting them to have quite a clean scent but it's really fun and fruity. While highstreet shampoo and conditioner will get your hair clean, it's a world away from the higher end stuff like this. These actually help to improve the condition every time you use them.

What do you use to protect against dry hair in the autumn/ winter?


  1. Bed head has THE BEST products for damaged hair. I alternate between Bed head and Redken's Extreme line. Great for the not so natural blonde :)

    1. I've always wanted to try the Redken Extreme products! I agree these are fab for damaged hair, mine feels so much better in the short time I've had these x