Shopping For Prom Accessories

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It can be tough to find the right accessories for a really great dress, you might be wondering where to even start! Certain necklaces for example wont look right with certain necklines, and heavily beaded pieces might only work with very simple styles. The key is to keep in mind what you're wearing and create balance with the accessories- as a rule the simpler the gown the more extravagant extras you can get away with. Here are a few different accessories you could go for, and the type of prom dress they'd work best with. 

Vintage Pearl Earrings
Dangly with lots of stones, these would bring in some sparkle and add interest with the gemstone while still being very classy and elegant. Great for adding in some 1920's style glamour and would look great with any 'old Hollywood glamour' style of dress. Check out La Femme Prom Dresses at if you're still searching for your dream dress.

Sparkly Clutch
A sparkly or sequinned clutch will look beautiful when it catches the light, however if you already have a lot of sparkle on your dress it might be best to go with a luxurious looking satin design or something with subtle beading instead. You could either go with a colour that compliments your dress or shoes, or choose a metallic such as silver, gold or rose gold and get any jewellery in the same colour too.

Crystal Bracelet
Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but there are plenty of affordable crystal and diamante pieces that will look stunning with any prom dress. A simple crystal design will bring out any crystal detailing in your dress, or for simpler dresses you could go with an elaborate sparkly statement piece.

Jewelled Headband
If you're not much of a jewellery lover you could skip it completely and go with a jewelled headband instead. This is especially nice if you're having your hair done professionally as it will really draw attention to it. If you already plan on wearing jewellery (especially statement jewellery) it might be wise to skip this or choose complementing pieces so you dont look too overdone.

Zippered Wristlet
If you have a tendency to lose your clutch bag, a wristlet is a good alternative- especially if you don't need to bring too many things with you to the prom. It might not be the best option if you're bringing a camera and lots of bulky extras but is easily big enough for the essentials like your phone, money and some topup makeup.

Stacked Bracelets
Rather than one statement bracelet you could go down the stacked route instead. This way you're able to mix and match with metals, pearls and crystals and is a good way to add texture and interest. Layering up multiple thinner bracelets becomes a statement piece within itself but is a nice way to customise the look to exactly as you want it.

Stud Earrings 
The perfect addition to an updo, studs that sparkle under the lights will draw attention to your ear lobes. They're a simple yet elegant choice, and ideal if you're looking to keep your overall accessories on the simpler side (or if you already have statement jewellery elsewhere). 


  1. I wish there would have been advice about like this when I had my prom, my dress and accessories were rubbish because i didnt have a clue how to put things together! xx

    1. I was exactly the same, its so much easier these days thanks to ebay and online shopping x