Blogmas #14 Wintery NOTD

 OPI Snowglobe Trotter // OPI Ski Slope Sweetie from

If you saw my earlier 'festive nails' Blogmas post you'll know I've been attempting a couple of different nail art designs this month, and I've been rocking a multitude of tacky Christmas designs on and off since December 1st. But when I'm not in the mood to be painting fiddly details onto my nails I've been loving this particular manicure; the simple golden white with a sparkly accent nail looks really pretty and wintery. Both of these polishes are from; a one stop for shop for everything to do with nails. They have great discounts on some of my favourite brands including China Glaze and OPI- as well as all of the treatments and tools you'd ever need. 

These two polishes are just a winter in a bottle, I love how they look together. Ski Slope Sweetie is pale white/gold with a really pretty shimmery finish, it's quite sheer and so for full opacity it does need two or even three coats. Usually this is something that bugs me with nail polish, I'm definitely more about the one coat wonders. However this dries really quickly and so it's not too much hassle building it up, even if like me you're lazy when it comes to nail painting. Ski Slope Sweetie has iridescent glitter particles running through a clear base giving it a really cool snowy effect, sadly my picture hasn't picked it up well but there are pieces of pink, blue and yellow glitter in there which look amazing when they catch the light. While I've gone with a pale base this looks gorgeous over darker polishes too, over red especially looks so Christmassy and over black you get a 'starry night' kind of look.

This little combination is definitely going to be a favourite over Christmas as well as the rest of the winter, I love the pretty snowy effect and the fact that it's more on the subtle side. As much as I love crazy festive nails, depending on what you're up to they're not always going to be the most appropriate choice! These are quick and easy to do, and give a hint of winter festivity without being too full on.

What's your favourite Christmassy nail polish?


  1. I can never deal with full on festive nails but this looks so perfect. It's like a subtle winter vibe!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. thats what I liked about this combination, still Christmassy/ wintery but without being full on festive tackyness :) x

  2. These are so perfect. I love the look It gives classic but festive. You could even get away with wearing these shades throughout the year. I'm going to have to pick these up
    great post

    1. Thanks Amy! I agree, this would look nice all year. I love that it just gives a subtle bit of festivity around Christmas :) x