Blogmas #19 My Cosy Night In Essentials

by - Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Christmas tree is lit, the scented candles are on and I have to say, I couldn't be more content if I possibly tried! Funny to think that a few years ago my plans for this evening would have involved a whole load of bars and nightclubs, I must be getting old because times have certainly changed. Spending ages queuing and traipsing from place to place in the freezing cold really doesn't appeal to me at all any more (in fact... I can't think of anything worse right now). On the run up to Christmas give me a cosy night in any day, no sore feet, no hanging around waiting for taxis at 4am and no hangover in the morning- you know it makes sense. When we have no other plans for the weekend then a cosy night in is on the cards, here are some of my essentials!

Festive Bath Products
A long soak in a hot bath has to be the best way to start any cosy night in, especially if you've just got home and need to warm up. There's nothing better than a bit of a pamper session with a face mask, hair mask and body scrub to leave you feeling fresh and revitalised, I like to keep my most luxurious and spa style products for times like this. I've stocked up on festive bath products to use on the run up to Christmas, Lush are an easy choice but it's also worth keeping your eye out for things like Christmassy themed shower gels and soaps, Philosophy, Nspa and The Body Shop do some nice ones.

Candles and Cosy Throws
Once I've gone through my skincare routine, dried my hair and put on my cosiest pjs I'll go downstairs and get the Christmas candles on the go. If you saw my festive haul post you'll know that I picked up Yankee's 'Christmas Treats' candle which I've been burning non stop, since then I've also bought a pack of ten festive scented wax tarts from Yankee to use in my wax burner which get the room smelling absolutely amazing. Cosy blankets and throws to wrap up on the sofa with are an essential, Primark have some super soft ones in their home section that are only a few pounds each.

Drinks and Snacks
It's good to go all out when you've planned a night in so that it doesn't feel like a regular old weeknight, we'll occasionally get a takeaway or I'll look for a recipe and cook something special. Pinterest is definitely your friend on this one, what did we do for meal inspiration before it existed?! If you saw this post you'll have seen the hot chocolate recipe I've been using, it's made from scratch with a shot of Baileys added at the end. Seriously good and perfect to enjoy on a night in!

Christmas Films and Shows
Having something really entertaining to watch has got to be the main event of a great night in. Thanks to the joys of Netflix there are loads of Christmas films and things available, I keep an eye out for Christmas specials of shows I've enjoyed in the past as well. If I see anything else that looks good during the week I'll record it so that there's plenty on Sky+ ready for the night too. If you're a tv addict, have a go at this quiz from UKTV and see how you do! 

Books/ Kindle
I think the best way to finish a cosy night in is to go up to bed with a good book. I read much more at this time of year, there's something so nice about a cold night and a good book. I've recently downloaded the Divergent trilogy and plan on reading the three books in the series over Christmas time. I watched the first film not too long ago and really loved the concept, and so am looking forward to reading them especially since books are always so much better than the films.

What are your cosy night in essentials?

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  1. This is basically me in a post I love all of these things - especially being cosy and reading a good book before I go off to bed!

    Lucy |

    1. cant beat a cosy night in in the winter can you :) xx

  2. I love cozy things during this time of the year. I'm all about cocooning, lighting a candle or two (or three hehe), putting on my most comfortable loungewear and just chilling on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate. Love this post!


    1. Thank you Athena! I love all of these things too, nothing better than being lovely and cosy :) x

  3. Having an all out Lush bath and then a marathon on Netflix is my idea of a cosy night in, I don't think anything can beat it!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. It's the best isnt it :) Especially when it's freezing outside! x

  4. Great list of essentials, you can't beat a giant Yankee Candle!

    Stephanie xxxx

  5. Awww, how cute! My favorite night essentials are definitely a good meal (these days, I'm crazy about gyro-in-pita, with lots of tzazitki sauce) while watching old episodes of Keeping Up Appearances, and then a retinol treatment (Peter Thomas Roth 1.5% Retinol serum), and a simple moisturizer (Fresh "Youth Preserve Lotus Cream").

    1. Keeping Up Appearances was filmed locally to where I live- how funny! :) I hadn't heard of gyros until recently when I saw them on Pinterest, they look delicious. That sounds like a perfect night in to me! x

  6. Ahhh this sounds like a dream night to me, pass me the hot chocolate and a good Christmas film :)



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