Blogmas #21 Last Minute Gift Ideas From The Supermarket

by - Monday, December 21, 2015

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If you've well and truly left it until the last minute and still have Christmas gifts to buy... you're braver than me that's for sure but no need to panic yet! You might have missed the boat for ordering from most places online, but even if you can't get into town to the main shops, the supermarkets pretty much have you covered. It might not be the first place you'd think of to look but the bigger stores really do sell everything these days, and one visit will probably save you a trip to WH Smith, HMV, Currys, Boots, Wilkos, Primark and more with the massive range of stuff they have available. Plus a lot are open twenty four hours, which is great if you work funny times or are busy during the day. There's a million reasons you might have left gift buying until the last minute, whether you've been waiting for payday, haven't had the time or have just plain forgot to get a couple of things. But no matter what your budget, if you're after a last minute gift it's well worth having a look in your local supermarket!

Food and drink gifts like boxes of chocolates and alcohol are some of the most obvious choices when it comes to buying from the supermarket, but dont forget to have a wonder down the homeware aisle for everything from candles to photo frames to kitchen electricals. There are a tonne of gift sets in the beauty aisle at this time of year, bath and body sets are an easy option but you'll also be able to find perfume and even things like straighteners and hairdryers- perfect gifts for beauty lovers! In the clothing section you'll be able to find things like nightwear, slippers and fluffy socks for handy gifts or stocking fillers. Most supermarkets have a huge selection of books, computer games, dvds and box sets which include all the latest chart releases which will definitely save you a trip to a few different shops. If you were looking to spend a bit more a lot of the bigger stores even have a electronics sections with everything from the latest tablets to laptops, cameras even tvs. I'm not sure exactly when this happened because I'm pretty sure you couldn't buy a tv in a supermarket when I was a bit younger but I have to admit it's extremely useful, especially if you don't want to go into an electricals shop and get pounced on by a shop assistant!

While I'd always recommend starting early and shopping around (to avoid stress and get the best prices) I'm well aware that it's not always an option. So if you do find yourself stuck at the last minute I hope this gives you some ideas. Whether you're after something big or small, budget or expensive there's a good bet you'll find it in one of the bigger supermarkets. Don't forget things like wrapping paper, gift bags, Christmas cards and sellotape while you're there!

Will you be doing any last minute gift buying?

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  1. I love that mug. I have brought loads of presents from the supermarket this year x

    1. me too, the bigger supermarkets sell so much! x

  2. You can definitely get some nice things in Tesco! I've bought some things from there anyway - they have really nice slippers/cosy sock sets and a good selection of candles xx

    1. I agree, Tesco is great for nightwear especially. They do some gorgeous soft dressing gowns in there too :)


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