Blogmas #7 Charity at Christmas

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It's easy to get bogged down with the 'stress' of Christmas. And I say stress but lets face it- running round deciding what lovely gift to buy someone, or wondering how you're going to find the time to wrap the mountain of presents you've just purchased are actually really nice kind of stresses to have when you think about it. So many at Christmas go without, whether they're living on the streets, living in poverty with barely enough money to eat or heat their homes, or have had to flee to refuges just to be safe.

There are a number of box appeals up and down the country at this time of year that are so easy to donate to, and usually involve sending a shoebox sized box filled with items to help a person in need. There are all sorts of schemes: from those which help the elderly, to homeless people, to those that help children and families living in poverty- both in the UK and abroad. I wanted to highlight women's shelters in particular, as I believe that many people who read this blog may be in a position to help without even realising. Womens charities ask for donations of toiletries and beauty products, something that I'm sure most of us have in excess. How many times have you bought something, used it a few times and then left it in a drawer to collect dust? It might be a foundation you never wear because it's too dark or too light, a bronzer that you stopped using after finding something better or an eyeshadow palette that never quite worked with your colourings. Often the products don't have to be brand new (although there will be exceptions for hygiene reasons such as mascara) however the general rule is that if it's in good condition and you'd be happy to pass it along to a friend then it's something that can be donated. You can also buy new items to put in your box such as toothpaste, a toothbrush, a washcloth, bars of soap and razors. Such inexpensive things, but that are absolutely essential to those with nothing who may otherwise go without. 

It might not be much but, but a small donation can mean giving someone in need a glimmer of hope at Christmas. Simply by boxing up some products that would be otherwise sitting unused could make a huge difference to someone's day. If you are in a position to help, I urge you to research a few charities and find out which schemes they're running this Christmas- whether it's donating a box, donating money, volunteering or raising money. I've left a list of different charities around the UK, although there will be a number of smaller local ones which you'll find by doing a quick google search of your home town.

Crisis- national charity for single homeless people
Shelter- helps millions struggling with homelessness, and campaigns to prevent it
Centrepoint- helps 18-25 year olds with homelessness, learning, health and life skills
Banardos- helps homeless families and young people
Samaritans Shoebox Campaign- distributes donated toys and essentials to children at Christmas
Trussell Trust- distributes donated toys and essentials to children in Bulgaria at Christmas
Salvation Army Present Appeal- distributes essentials to children, families, elderly and the homeless
RealAid- shoebox appeal for children overseas
Link to Hope- shoebox appeal for families and the elderly


  1. Brilliant post Stacey. I was Googling Stuff like this just the other day! X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

    1. thanks Carly! I've been collecting up stuff to send out, I just need to buy a couple of items to put in now :) x

  2. We have already sent our shoebox for this year, we chose a local charity that sends boxes to kids in poverty around the UK. Some of these charities sound great I would love to put together one with some nice treats for an elderly person x

    1. I'd like to do one for an elderly person too, maybe include some nice bubble bath, candles and chocolates x