Blogmas #1 Luxury Gift Guide For Her

December is finally here, the festivities can officially begin! I've been spotting tv adverts, decorations in shops and blog posts as far back as October, but I've purposely tried to avoid everything Christmassy up until now so that I could make the most of it in December. The run up to the big day is one of the best bits, and I was determined to not water it down for myself this time around by starting too early- which I'm not gonna lie, does tend to be the case most years. I think one thing you can really appreciate as an adult at Christmas is the joy in giving gifts, and so to kick off Blogmas (I'll be posting daily for the next twenty five days!) is my luxury gift guide for her. I've rounded up some gorgeously extravagant and swoon worthy gifts that are bound to go down well with any female in your life; perfect for the big spenders or just if you're looking to buy something extra special.

Tech Gifts
While they most definitely don't come cheap, I think tech gifts are always some of the most exciting to receive. It could be anything from a new phone to a tablet, laptop or computer- if you know the person you're buying for is lusting after a new piece of kit then you're pretty much going to make their Christmas buying something like this. Since these are the things we use everyday they're really worthwhile gifts, and something that will more than likely make someone happy for a long time. If you're looking for a main present for someone special, you wont go far wrong with something like this.

Designer Candles/ Perfume
Luxury scented candles and perfume make gorgeous gifts. Anything from Laura Mercier, Jo Malone or Diptyque would work here and if you were feeling really generous a perfume and candle in the same scent would make an amazing duo. Expect to spend an absolute fortune on something like this (the four piece Jo Malone set in the picture costs in excess of £200) but if you're buying for someone who appreciates the finer things in life they're sure to love it!

High End Accessories
I've gone with these beautiful rose gold and white 'Frends' headphones as an example, but it could be something like a designer scarf, handbag or pair of sunglasses. The good thing about accessories is they're easier to buy than clothes as you don't need to know their size, as long as you've got an idea of their style you're good to go. 

With the massive ranges of watches and jewellery out there you could pick something that you know the person you're buying for will love, for a really special and sentimental present. Jewellery is always a good investment, as looked after well it's something that can be kept for years to come. The crystal Michael Kors bangle (above) is a good example of a luxurious gift you could get without breaking the bank- at £100 it's a high end item but a great price for a designer brand.

Experience Days
This could be anything from a trip to a spa to a mini break or concert tickets. I like this idea because it's something to look forward to once Christmas is over, and something to get excited about all over again as the actual date comes up. Make sure you consider whether they'll be able to travel to and from the event if it's far from home, and keep the work schedules and commitments of the person you're buying for in mind when you book the date. If you're not going along with them, make sure you know they'll have someone to attend with them too.

Luxury Nightwear
New pyjamas at Christmas are just the nicest thing in the world, and real silk has got to be the ultimate in comfort and luxury. Many pairs of silk pyjamas cost upwards of £300, although you can find them for around £100 if you weren't looking to spend quite that much. Alternatively you could go with a silk nightgown instead, which would probably last a bit longer too. I have to admit I'm quite attached to my scruffy old baggy Primark pjs but would love to own a really nice pair of expensive silk ones, I'd save them to wear after a relaxing pamper evening or for things like trips and weekends away. 

What's the most luxurious gift you've ever received?


  1. Love the luxury candles for a gift - Jo Malone candles are great for mum and aunty christmas presents! Really nice luxury gift list. x

    1. Anything Jo Malone makes such a great gift, I bet your mum and aunty feel lucky to get such a great present from you :) x

  2. I would be happy to get any of these on christmas morning! Especially the rose gold iphone because I still have a year before I can upgrade!

    1. I'd love to receive this too, I'm still using an iphone 5s and it feels ancient I want a new one lol! x