Best of 2015: Makeup

As the years go by I definitely get less experimental with makeup. It's not that I don't still love and use it (I wouldn't be seen dead in public with a bare face!) but after reaching a stage where I discovered what worked for me, I suppose it meant I no longer felt the need to continue trying masses of new products. These days I buy things with the intention of actually using them up, and when a product works for me I treasure it and use it until it's gone rather than constantly chop and change. These are the things that I absolutely love, and have made the title as my favourites of 2015! 

I've used foundation since about the age of fourteen, and so over the (many) years of wearing it, I have tried out a LOT of them. I've trialled every formula known to man, different finishes and more brands than I could possibly count- and this one, Born This Way by Too Faced is the best I've ever tried by far. This stuff is absolutely beautiful, it manages to somehow feel extremely light on the skin while giving amazing coverage. It covers my rosy cheeks and any imperfections no problem without looking in the slightest bit thick or cakey. It's neither overly dewy nor matte, and is just a really nice 'skin like' natural finish. I'm not gonna lie, at £29 a bottle it's more than I'd prefer to pay for a foundation but nothing else I've used compares and so to me it's worth every penny. If you're after your perfect foundation and don't mind spending a little extra, this one is just incredible.

I'm sure this has made it onto most people's favourites lists again in 2015, and for good reason. Inexpensive, good coverage and a nice formula- it works well on both undereye circles as well as spots and generally a great all rounder. This is an automatic repurchase for me now every time I run out, I know that the shade 'fair' matches my skin and that it actually works, and so it's an easy choice.

Another product that's become a total staple for me. Worryingly this was limited edition and so I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it runs out, hopefully the powders in Kiko's regular range are just as good! It's a powder foundation so unlike regular pressed powder it actually gives some added coverage, I usually use a light sweeping over the t-zone over the top of my foundation to set it and mattify the skin. On light makeup days I can even use it alone or with a bit of concealer. This was part of Kiko's Modern Tribes collection, as it was released in the summer it has the benefit of having SPF 15 and being moisture resistant- I reviewed it here.

Bronzer- Benefit Hoola
No surprise with this one if you've read my blog for a while. It's perfect, it's a nice shade that's not too warm, and as it's matte it's great for both contouring as well as general bronzing. I wish they'd change the packaging as I'm not the biggest fan of these little boxes, it's annoying getting the product onto the brush. But the product itself is great and definitely the best bronzer I've ever tried. There's no blush or highlighter on this list, just because for the most part they're not part of my daily routine any more.

This was such a hard choice, eyeshadow palettes are definitely my weakness. While I've managed to cut back on other areas of my makeup stash I still have a pile of palettes stacked up on my dressing table, although I do love and use them all. Even though the Gwen palette is new and I've only had it since November, the shades are exactly the sort of thing I wear daily and think that overall it's the one I'll get the most use out of. I could have chosen any of the Urban Decay palettes for this one though as they're all just amazing. I reviewed the Gwen palette here.

Brow pencils are one of the products most brands struggle to get right, especially for those of us with lighter hair. And so if you're blonde and find an eyebrow pencil that works for you, hold onto it for dear life! This by Glo and Ray is my all time favourite, I've even stopped using my HD Brows palette since using this. It's cheap, works so well and is the perfect shade.

These are my two black liners of choice, I use the kajal liner along the waterline and the Maxfactor liquid liner along the top lashes for my winged liner. Both of these have great pigment, are really black and last all day. I wear eyeliner and liquid liner every time I do my makeup and so having decent products that last are an essential, and I really like this combination.

These two have been my lash saviours of 2015. Yves Rocher continues to be one of my favourite brands, this mascara in particular is an all time favourite, I've repurchased this probably around five times now and will definitely continue to do so in 2016! I've tried a few other mascaras this year and haven't found one that comes close to this, the formula is fairly wet making it easy to apply and it makes my lashes look really long and fluttery. Esqido do the best false lashes I've ever come across, made from naturally shed mink hairs they're incredibly comfortable to wear and just look beautiful. I've tried a number of different styles and have really enjoyed wearing them over 2015 especially for things like nights out and special events.

Unless I'm going out for the evening or doing something specific with my makeup, then this is the shade of lipstick I'll be wearing. If you saw this post you'll know I have quiteee a few in a similar colour but this one has to be my favourite. I love the wearable pink colour, the matte formula and the lasting power. It looks nice with both understated and bold makeup looks and is the type of product I can reach for without even thinking about it and know it's going to look nice. I reviewed this here.

What were your 2015 favourites?


  1. The Gwen Stefani palette just looks beautiful, I could see myself getting so much wear out of it but I have far too many palettes to work my way through first!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. I really loved Yves Rocher in 2015!

  3. The Gwen Stefani palette looks amazing, some really good picks here :)

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  4. I'm so desperate to try Born This Way, it sounds amazing!

    Claire | xx

  5. The Gwen Stefani palette looks incredible. I think I need to cave and get myself it. Even though I don't need anymore palettes.
    Great post.

  6. Fab post lovely, I really want to give the Born This Way foundation a shot as I’ve heard so many good things and I think after hearing this I will have to pick it up :) I’m obsessed with the Gwen Stefani palette and I agree it’s one of those palettes you’ll get a lot of use from :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  7. I really liked the Yves Rocher mascara but I'm obsessed with the Maybelline Lash Sensational now! It's soooo good xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  8. Great choices you've got there! My favorite makeup product of 2015 is definitely Perricone MD's "No Foundation" Foundation Serum; it is amazing! I could press my face right against the mirror, and still not see any trace of foundation on my skin at all.