Glowy Valentines Day Makeup With Glo and Ray

by - Saturday, January 30, 2016

If you're in the process of updating your makeup bag this year (or are just in the market for some pretty new products to play with) one site I recommend paying a visit to is Glo and Ray. Their products are beautifully packaged and perform well but don't cost a fortune, meaning you get that high end feel without breaking the bank. They tick all the boxes for me, and a number of their products have become firm favourites that I'll continue to repurchase time and time again. The entire brand is inspired by the wonder of light and their products are designed to make you look glowy and illuminated, great for when you want to look extra special. Valentines Day is right around the corner and I've already settled on the look I'll be going for, using these three radiance boosting products!

Containing four metallic shadows in their classic black casing, these little quads have got to be one of my favourite products from Glo and Ray that I've tried so far- how stunning are those shades?! They contain natural mineral particles which gives the benefit of a gorgeously silky texture, as well as being long lasting and smudge proof.  As much as I love the versatility of big palettes I do love how handy smaller quads like this are, you can create an entire look from them without the added bulk of shades you don't need. Perfect if you're going away and want to travel light, or just don't want the hassle of dragging a bit palette out every morning when you're doing your makeup. 

I love the versatility of this little pencil, it can be used either as an eyeshadow base or as an actual eyeliner; I've been doing a golden bronze eyeshadow look using the palette and then running this under the lower lash line. While this looks great with the shadows from the palette I also think it would be useful for days when you dont have the time or energy to apply a full eyeshadow look. You could run it under the lower lash line and finish with black winger liner along the top and some mascara- then you get the benefit of the colour and sparkle without having to spend time blending shadows. Any golds and neutrals will of course look lovely on everyone although they're especially great for blue eyes, this really makes my eye colour stand out. The pigment is amazing, it's smooth to aply and long lasting- such an amazing liner. 

Glo and Ray La Amo Creamy Shimmer Lip Colour* (Honey)
Glo and Ray are the only brand I've ever come across that can put shimmer in a lipstick and it still looks good. It's just something that usually doesn't work and leaves an unflattering metallic sheen, however that's not the case at all with these. They look like a cream lipstick on the lips but then the subtle shimmer adds a little something extra, they're not frosty or glittery in any way and are just really pretty. They've definitely found the right balance and it really works. I love this pretty mid pink/coral shade, it would be work well with both a subtle look or to balance out heavy eye makeup.

Have you tried anything from Glo and Ray yet?

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  1. that palette is really pretty, I like the look of everything here x

    1. The palette has to be my favourite thing, the colours are amazing :) x

  2. These make the perfect look, I love the palette x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. I cant wait to use them all together to create a look on Valentines Day! x


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