How to Find Designer Bargains Online

The words ‘designer’ and ‘bargain’ don’t usually go together, but if you shop smart and know where to look it can definitely be done! There are so many sales and discounts you can take advantage of online, if you're looking for your next designer purchase here are some of the best places to check out.

Department Stores
I do love department stores; clean and spacious with their gorgeous makeup and perfume counters , clothing shops and homeware there are so many luxuries to swoon over. As pricey as they can seem at a glance, one thing to bear in mind about department stores is that they constantly have to make room for new stock, which of course means a near constant stream of clearance prices. It's always good to go into a store and look around for hidden treasures, but if you shop online you have the bonus of easily comparing prices. A voucher such as a Debenhams discount code will give you further reductions on top of sale prices too (plus you get to shop from the comfort of your sofa in your comfy old pjs, and there's no downside to that!) 

Discount Sites
I always search for discount promo codes and vouchers when I'm shopping online, its become such a habit and has definitely saved me a lot of money over the years. Why pay full price for something when a quick search could mean getting a big chunk of money off? At the very least it's worth searching for free shipping codes when ordering online, because lets face it no one wants to pay that pesky delivery cost even if it is only a fraction of what's in your basket! Search for a suitable savings site and bookmark it, then get into the habit of having a quick look every time you’re up for a bit of online shopping. 

Auction Sites
If you don’t mind secondhand (or rather ‘preloved’), then put aside a bit of time and scour those auction sites for the best bargains. While they might not as be as rich a source as they used to be thanks to savvy shoppers, if you narrow down you search to specific types of items at a time you might just find an amazing bargain. Just be wary of counterfeit items, if you make sure you pay with Paypal you'll get your money back if that were to happen.

Whats the best designer bargain you've ever found?


  1. These are great tips, I always look for promo codes too x

    Zoe Mountford x

    1. its well worth spending a few extra minutes finding them if it saves money :) x

  2. I'm always have a hunt on ebay for some goodies! Tania xx

    1. Me too Im such an ebay fanatic lol, I absolutely love it x