Current Obsession: Copper Homeware

Copper homeware is everywhere at the moment, and I'm not complaining a bit because I absolutely love it! I've added numerous copper coloured bits and pieces around my home over the last twelve months, and so when I spotted this copper lamp on the Iconic Lights website it was love at first sight. It's so pretty and a bit different to anything else I've seen, it's the perfect copper addition that looks great in my black and white dining room.

Not only does this look gorgeous but it also has a touch function which is really handy, and saves you having to mess around searching for the switch when you're trying to turn it off or on. It has three different brightness settings so you can easily adjust the light depending on what you're doing, making it super versatile and great for just about any room- I think it would make a nice bedside lamp too if you had smaller bedside tables. At 35cm tall it's a cute compact size, but the colours and style make it a definite statement piece so ideal for adding a bit of interest into your rooms!

The beautiful copper base comes complete with a black shade; I love how the copper and black look together although the beauty of something like this is you could quite easily change the shade to give it a completely different look. I've tried this with both a cream and white shade and both look just stunning, and so if you're after something a bit brighter it's not a problem at all. This costs £20 which is a really good price for the style and quality, especially as it has the touch function. Iconic lights have so many amazing pieces, from really modern and unique lighting to stunning classics- so if your home is in need of brightening up they're definitely a site to check out.

Are you obsessed with copper homeware at the moment too?


  1. Ooh I love the look of this lamp - such a good price too!xx

    LUCY |

  2. I've been seeing copper everywhere. I am running out of rooms to redecorate though and haven't figured out where I can sneak in some copper items yet.

  3. thats so cute, I have a lot of black in my flat I think adding some copper in too would look really good

  4. I am loving the copper theme at the moment, it's making such a change from the normal.