My Spring Fragrance Wardrobe

A year or so ago I went through one of my obsessive phases, and the object of my obsession was perfume. I had a massive wishlist of the perfumes I wanted to buy, and would pop one into my basket every time I was in Boots or whenever I tripped and fell onto the Fragrance Direct website (which I'm not gonna lie was prettttyy often). Luckily I did give up my rather spendy hobby but not before I amassed quite the collection, and so now I'm working my way through the ones that I have. I'm guilty of picking my favourite scent and using it to death, and so rather than all of my other perfumes sitting neglected I decided the best thing to do would be rotate them by season. So I've put together a little spring fragrance wardrobe with all of my fresh, fruity and spring like perfumes so they're within easy reach, and ready for me to get some use out of over the next few months ahead. I've linked to my reviews of all of these perfumes, and so if you like the sound of one or want to find out more about the notes they contain you can read more about it.

Vera Wang Princess Power
With notes of fruits and vanilla this one was an easy choice for spring, the colourful packaging is also very spring/ summery and it's a pretty scent that's sweet without being overwhelming. This one is a great everyday staple, you can pick up a 50ml bottle for £25 which is a great price for a designer perfume.

This is one of my very favourite perfumes in my collection. It's actually a good one for all year round, but because it's so soft I think it will be a nice one for the spring especially. It's a light vanilla scent thats sweet without being at all sickly it's one of the nicest perfumes I've ever tried. I absolutely love Kiko products, the only annoying thing is that most of the stuff they release is limited edition, and it looks like this is no longer available on their site. But if it ever comes back I highly recommend ordering a bottle.

Marc Jacobs DaisyMarc Jacobs Dot
These are both spring in a bottle, from the notes to the overall scents to the packaging. They're very light and pretty, Daisy is more of a green floral/ fresh with Dot being more fresh and fruity. I love both of these and can't decide which one I like better, I'd love to invest in some more Marc Jacobs perfumes at some point (maybe when I've worked my way through by current stash a bit!)

This is a fruity floral with an undertone of musk, a nice uncomplicated scent that's perfectly suited to the spring weather. While it's not my very favourite perfume in my collection it's still a nice everyday scent, and now that I have it out I plan on getting more wear from it. Yves Rocher do some great perfumes, they're more grown up than the sweet, sugary and fruity perfumes I usually gravitate towards but would still suit all ages.

Hugo Woman
Hugo Woman is a classic perfume that was re-released in 2014, it smells a lot like the original but slightly more on the fresh side. I used to wear the original scent when I was growing up and so this is definite nostaligia for me, and while it was something I wore as a teenager it's not an overly young scent by any means. This one is a bit more difficult to describe and isn't like any of the others I own, you don't spray it and immediately think 'fruity' 'floral' or 'fresh' but when you sit and think about it you can detect all of those things. There's a slight citrus note in there and the fruits and florals are perfectly well balanced to give it a nice complexity. 

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
The girliest perfume of the bunch, it contains fruits, florals and sweet gourmand notes which sounds like it would be overly sweet but is actually quite a light scent. I don't find this one lasts for an especially long time but it really is gorgeous, if you're into your sweeter scents this one is a staple. Not the most sophisticated scent out there but really pretty and great for spring days.

What's your favourite spring perfume?


  1. You cannot go wrong with Marc Jacobs perfume imo. Daisy is such a classic!


    1. I love Daisy, it will be a definite repurchase one it runs out :) x

  2. Oh, wow, I'm going to have to try "Hugo Woman"! I loved it back in the '90s for its freshness, so I'm curious about how even fresher it smells now.

    1. If you liked the original you'll like the new one too, it's gorgeous! Even all these years on it's in no way dated either, just a really nice scent :) x

  3. Most of my perfumes at the moment seem to be floral based, but perfect for Spring! I can't decide which is my favourite, but Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb is definitely up there. xx

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