My Top Three Nude Nail Polishes

Earlier in the year I wrote about my love for lilac nail polish (here) and while that hasn't dwindled, there's another colour I've been equally loving on my nails recently and that's nude/ neutral shades. When they're done right they can look so good, totally understated yet sophisticated and add a little something to your nails without being too full on. Here are three shades I've found that work perfectly on me!

Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine polishes are some of my all time favourites- I love the long lasting formula, shiny finish and the fact that you can pick them up for just a few pounds on the highstreet. Lychee is a light nude shade that has a neutral tone, so it will work on pretty much all pale skin tones. I've been through at least three bottles of this shade, and will forever repurchase it for as long as I can get it! 

I haven't tried a whole lot of Nails Inc polishes, but if this is anything to go by I need to invest in more as this is amazing. You can get away with one coat (although I usually do two for full opacity) the formula is great and it lasts well on the nails, I get a good four days wear time when I apply this before it starts wearing off at the tips. At £15 a bottle it's not the cheapest, but it's been definitely worth it for me for this shade as I love it and wear it all the time.

At just £3 a bottle you can't go wrong with these Gel Pro polishes from George, you can pick them up in Asda or on the Asda website. This is ever so slightly darker and warmer toned than the others, so for me is a perfect summer shade. The formula is more sheer than the others but it's still opaque within two coats, and lasts surprisingly well on the nails especially with it being from a budget brand.

What shades are you loving on your nails lately?


  1. The Gel Pro colour is a beautiful neutral shade! I've never been big on nude polishes but I really like that one x

    Liz ~

  2. these are so perfect the george one is really pretty x

    Zoe Mountford x

  3. The Barry M polish is one i've not tried yet, and looks super lovely! Tania xx

  4. I've always loved the look of nude nail polishes on other people but I have never tried them on myself. However, after reading this I may have to change that pretty soon xx

  5. I'm absolutely loving the Nails Inc shade! Love nudes shades!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  6. Oh, how pretty!
    I've been obsessed with Nails Inc's "Mayfair Lane" that it is now my signature nail polish shade (although I have no idea of how long it'll be available for). After I bought it, I gave away all of my other nail polishes because nothing else compared. :-P

  7. I love this post. Nude polish is my absolute favorite.
    Definitely a must have.