Review: Andrew Barton's Ultimate Blonde Range

Andrew Barton Ultimate Blonde range*: Available at Asda stores and online

Up until recently, 2016 was definitely the year of bad hair days for me. I'd gone for way too long without a trim, my roots had grown out and the bad weather had well and truly taken it's toll- every morning pretty much involved me hopelessly examining my hair in the mirror wondering what on earth to do with it (messy bun was usually the answer!) Usually I'm good with applying oils and masks but even that had slipped since before Christmas, and so last weekend I decided enough was enough and that I was going to sort it out. And after a trim, a dye and a new haircare routine I can't believe how much better it's feeling- I wanted to share a few of the products I've been using to maintain, protect and rehydrate my newly sorted out hair. In this post I'll be covering the high street wonders that are Andrew Barton products. Created by the 'Ten Years Younger' celebrity stylist, the brand features a number of different haircare ranges which are are targeted to different hair complaints. I've reviewed a few different Andrew Barton products over the years but this was my first time trying the 'Ultimate Blonde' range and I really love it- if you're looking for an inexpensive range of products for blonde hair these are some of the best!

Shampoo/ Conditioner (£4 each)
The consistency of both of these are really nice, high street hair products can sometimes be on the watery side but these feel nice and intensive. You can tell that you're doing your hair some good by using them and the conditioner particularly is nice and thick and does a good job rehydrating thirsty bleached locks! The overall quality feels much higher end than the £4 price tags. I also really like the packaging of these too, the pearly pink bottles look cute stood in the bathroom which is never a bad thing! 

Leave in Conditioner (£4)
I love leave in conditioners, a quick spray through before combing through wet hair makes it much more manageable. I don't usually find my hair gets especially tangly but if yours does then this will be a god send, after I've spritzed it through I find my comb glides through really easily which reduces damage from over stretching wet hair. Leave in conditioners are also great for adding moisture back into the ends of the hair between washes, which is particularly important if you've lightened your hair. If like me you experience dreaded drier ends between washes it can be tempting to resort to constant washing to keep it feeling nice, but this is really just counter productive as it dries hair out more in the long run. And so to keep it feeling hydrated a product like this is essential. This is a really nice one; the spray is fine so it doesn't soak your hair and it also absorbs nicely so doesn't leave it looking greasy. I have such fine hair that goes greasy at the first sign of moisture which is seriously annoying and means that using leave in conditioners can sometimes be a problem. However it hasn't been the case at all with this one and I find it adds hydration without leaving a heavy or sticky film on the surface.

Do you lighten your hair? What do you use to keep it at it's best?


  1. What gorgeous packaging! Yes my hair is lightened up to the max!! I love Moroccanoil. X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

    1. I definitely need to add Morrocan oil to my haircare routine! x