2016 Runway Accessory Trends to Incorporate in Your Outfits

Guest post: written by Heather Carlson

The second month of spring has just kicked off in a grand style. Now that the weather’s warmer and the sun shines brighter, there’s no better time to whip out our best outfits or, why not, to go on a mini shopping spree and acquire some new additions. But even in the case of “old” garments, they are best complimented by accessories from the latest collections. And, believe me, this spring 2016 runaway collection is so innovative and quirky it’s difficult to not fall in love with it.

Earrings Everywhere
Earrings are the star accessories of this year’s spring line-up. Big designers have exhibited on the runway some definite trend-setters and, this year, it seems like it’s either “go big or go home.” Simplicity and minimalism have been ditched in favor of shoulder-duster earrings – long and decked in the glow of eye-catching gems, like the case of Oscar de la Renta, or rocking nonconventional and abstract shapes, which was the case of Prada’s earring choice. Other houses have opted to promote asymmetry as this season’s ruling theme. The Roberto Cavalli runway was rich in outfits assorted with a single earring (that perfectly fits the shoulder-duster trend), something picked up by the presentations of Loewe or Emilio Pucci. Another way in which designers said goodbye to matched earrings was by, well, mismatching them. McQueen, Celine, or Marni, among others, chose to flaunt shoulder-length earrings that don’t resemble each other even the slightest bit. 

Chokers Are This Season’s Hit
Traditional pendants and necklaces have been traded for chokers tightly coiled around the neck. By using this thematic as the foundation, designers have constructed creative designs that incorporate florals, tribal embellishments, pearls sparkling amidst ribbon gleams, and iridescent gems, twisted and reinvented in a way that makes them the starlets of any apparel. 

White in Power
Bags have never been easier to match with an attire, now that a considerate portion of designers have flaunted bags painted in the simplicity of white. Houses of the likes of Miu Miu and titan Louis Vuitton have opted to incorporate in their attires snow white bags, whose biggest advantage is the very simplicity that the rest of all the grand and eccentric accessories have chosen to abandon.

Opera Gloves and Mitts
One of winter’s most common accessory has made the transition into the cherry blossom season and is now an inclusion highly favored by Gucci, especially, who has opted to clothe the hands of its models with stylish and elegant gloves. Whether they’re gleaming through a layer of golden, providing a pinch of traditional elegance through knitting, or whether they’re silken and elbow-length, these gloves are a trip back in time. In contrast with Gucci’s elegant simplicity, Louis Vuitton came out with a pair of unconventional black mitts this year, garnished by white leathers that constitute the perfect detail which makes these mitts scream of toughness and rebellion.

Crown Jewels
After chandelier earrings, opera gloves, and pearly ribbon chokers, the look of refined elegance cannot be complete without something that reminds of a modern princess. Crowns, tiaras, and general head accessories of the same area are extremely sought after and they’re as versatile as they get. Whether you’re opting for a flower-decked headband, a small tiara adorned in the scintilla of fine gems, or a Xena-like forehead band, they’re a puzzle piece that fits right in with the other established trends on this list.

In Conclusion… Big, Bigger, and the Biggest
This season leaves no room for displays of modesty, with almost every accessory on this list being a representative of the word “superlative.” Chanel really went all out with one of its attires, perfectly illustrating this spring’s fondness for extravagance. Other than the inclusion of the already talked about choker love, this apparel includes another major hit of the season – chains. Not specific to a single category of accessories, chains are very popular additions, whether they’re crafted into a pair of earrings or annexed to a handbag (remember, plain white). Other than the ones already mentioned, big trends that have been promoted on this spring’s runway were multiple cuff bracelets, a plethora of rings, a return of brooches (fitting right in with the grand thematic), and bizarre, luxurious face decorations. Regardless of which one of them will make the cut as accessories to your next outfit, one thing is clear – abandon all minimalism and get ready for a surrealism of fashion.

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