Hosting The Ultimate Girls Night In Party

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There's nothing I love more than a girls night in; getting everyone together and having a few drinks and a good old chin wag. Since me and my best friends are all now living in different cities, it's a good way to have a catch up and it's one of the things I'm looking forward to doing in my new house. Don't get me wrong I love the occasional night out too, but staying in means you avoid ridiculous entry fees and bar prices and you can either glam up or tell everyone to bring their pjs depending on the kind of night you're after. If you're looking to host a really fun girls night in, here are a few fun additions that you might not have thought of!

Chocolate Block Wine £19.99  
A combination of wine and chocolate- you haven't died and gone to heaven, this does actually exist! It combines the richness of mocha with chocolate and blackberries along with a fresh spice black pepper. It sounds absolutely gorgeous and would be such a fun and unusual thing to bring out on a girls night in, a definite talking point and something you can pretty much guarantee no-one will have tried before. Hard to Find Wines sell so many unique and unusual wine blends, great for any party if you want to provide your guests with something a little different.

I love making cocktails, if I'm ever throwing a party or having a barbeque in the summer then I always assign myself to cocktail making duty. I usually make it up as I go along (Stacey's special blend is pretty lethal) and so a book with plenty of ideas and inspiration would be great for a girls night in. Creating your own mini cocktail bar would be a fun idea- you could set up a few different spirits, juices and mixers on a tray. Add a bucket of ice, some chopped fruit and a load of cute cocktail glasses with the book propped up at one side and people could create their own drinks- fun! 

Karaoke Machine £29.99
I have to admit I'm not really one for karaoke (dancing games on the other hand are a different matter ha!) however every girls night I've been to where someone has a karaoke machine set up has always been a roaring success- people can't wait to belt out a tune or two after a couple of drinks! This one is under £30 so not too expensive, ideal for something like this when you'll only have it out now and again. 

Giant Outdoor Games- £10
These are always fun when the weather is nice, and if you've ever been at a pub when they've set up giant Jenga outside in the summer you'll know how crazy people go for it. For some reason playing games outside when they're giant sized just automatically makes it more fun, you can get all the old classics like connect four, snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses and even dominos all in giant size. Particularly good if you have a lot of people over as it keeps everyone busy, and it's something different to your regular drinking games. You're able to have competitions, and get a good dose of childhood nostalgia thrown in!

Do you have any fun ideas for a party or girls night in?

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  1. these sound like fun ideas I would love to play giant snakes and ladders! x