The Solution to Uncomfortable Shoes

Our feet are incredibly important, but how often do we actually buy ourselves quality foot care supplies? Our feet are sometimes overlooked, but if we couldn't walk properly we wouldn't be able to go about our daily lives so easily. Therefore if you do have any pains in your feet, you should do your best to alleviate them. There are many different foot products on the market, but gel foot supplies are hugely popular for many reasons and they are used by all ages across the world.

Benefits of Foot Care Supplies
One of the great things about gel products is the fact they are primarily transparent and hard to see so can remain hidden in your shoes. So you can avoid any embarrassment or people seeing you have a problem with your feet. Also clear gel heel inserts can be hidden in highly fashionable shoes such as high heels, meaning you can be spotted on the dance floor but your inserts won't be. The Pure Gel Flexible Heel Cushions are transparent and very thin, which makes them very discreet. Another good thing about using this gel foot care supplies is the fact that they are odourless. Other fabric inserts could cause an odour to build up because due to poor air circulation, sweat does occur within shoes. The gel doesn't absorb the sweat as much as some fabrics, so no odour occurs. This is great for people of all ages who are on their feet a lot. Gel foot products are great at stopping slippage within your shoes. They grip on to your shoes almost like glue, and the gel texture provides great grip on the soles of your feet. This means that you can walk, run and dance, safe in the knowledge that you won’t slip about in your shoes.

Gel Products Are Transferable
Gel products have a sticky adhesive that allows you to re-use them in different shoes. This is great if you have many different shoes in your wardrobe or require different shoes in your work or social life. You simply peel them off one pair of shoes and place them in another with the minimum amount of fuss. Gel products are also specifically designed to be good at absorbing shocks to the foot - for example, the Airplus Ball of Foot Gel Cushions. They also take a lot of pressure and impact so your feet don't have to. Therefore gel inserts are great for people taking part in sports - especially those with a high impact on their feet such as football. Gel products are extremely durable and will last you a long time. This means you won't be wasting money on getting replacements all the time. Therefore if you are on your feet a lot - maybe due to your job - they will provide you with long-lasting support.

Health Implications
Gel products have many health benefits for people of all ages, but especially for those with ailments such as arthritis or poor circulation. The cushioning effect of the gel also acts as a substitute of soft tissue for people suffering from foot pad atrophy. Socks are extremely practical for people with diabetes, and Arthritic/Diabetic Socks can help to prevent foot ulcerations. Some gel socks even contain moisturisers, which also help with dry skin. Gel foot products are also normally hypoallergenic, so they are perfect for people who have sensitive skin or have an allergy to certain fabrics.


  1. I used gel shoe inserts on holiday, they were a lifesaver with all of the walking!

  2. I am with you on shoe inserts Im on my feet for most of the day at work and I dont think I would be able to do it without the extra cushioning x