Sofa Stories: What Has Your Sofa Seen in its Lifetime?

Deciding on a new sofa is a huge decision, when it's such a big piece in your home (and something that will be so well used!) it's important to get it right. One of the most important things for me personally when I was choosing a sofa was finding one that was comfortable, the one I had previously looked the part but wasn't nice to lie on and so this was my number one priority. It needed to be large (while still fitting into the space in my living room) and have deep seats that you could sit right back on and get comfy. As well as being comfortable I of course needed it to look nice too, and wanted to find something that was neutral and plain enough for me to be able to dress up with different pillows and cushions over the years- as well as have the flexibility to change my decor without having to buy a whole new sofa. Another important thing was that I needed it to be practical, having two dogs that like to jump up and sit with us in the evenings meant that the material had to be very hardwearing easy to clean too. Finally it had to fit my budget, and after copious amounts of searching I eventually found this one which fitted the bill perfectly. 

With April being the most popular month to up sticks and move house (something I have done myself recently) handmade furniture manufacturer Distinctive Chesterfields decided to conduct some research into what kinds of things your sofa sees over the course of it's life. If you think about it your sofa sees a massive portion of your home life, whenever you're just relaxing at home chances are you'll be sat on it. Some of the things they found out were that the average sofa will go through one house move, seat 284 visitors and see you through 78 hangovers (I've spent one or two killer hangovers on mine, good job I hardly drink these days because I just can't handle it any more!) You'll also rack up 232 movies and a whopping 4380 hours of tv time while cosied up amongst it's cushions. Only 11% of people surveyed had owned their sofa for over ten years, but those who did had invested in a good quality and sturdily made piece. The average sofa lasts for around eight years but Distinctive Chesterfields last for an amazing twenty if taken care of properly, and so it goes to show that it really is worth investing in quality. While interior trends come and go, classic pieces never go out of style and so if you choose well your sofa will easily be able to adapt through various decor changes. 

What kinds of things has your sofa seen? How long have you owned your sofa?


  1. We've had our sofa for about 7/8 years now and are currently looking for a new one! X

    ♥ Carly Susanne - A Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. good luck with your search, hope you manage to find the perfect one! x