5 Awesome Mate Date Ideas

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With so much going on in our lives it can be difficult to make proper time for friends, but it's so important and there's nothing better than having a good support system around you. Don't leave it too long between visits, pencil in a date into your diary and arrange something fun to do. If you're stuck for ideas, here's a few things to try!

Pamper Day
Whether it's going to get your hair or nails done, visiting a spa or just creating your own spa experience at home. As a beauty blogger this one is always an easy choice for me, just because I have so many products! Put on some music and scented candles, and have the most perfect relaxing day.

Meal Out
Has a cool new restaurant opened up that you’re dying to try out? Arrange a date to visit with your bestie! Book a table to make sure you get in, especially if there is a big group of you going. And then you can spend the evening chatting away over a bottle of wine and some delicious food. You could even head on to a bar afterward for some more drinks. Alternatively host a dinner party and home and show off your cooking skills.

Tasting Party
Tasting parties are a new concept to me, but are apparently increasing in popularity each year. And it’s all down to miracle berries; these fruits have a very strange effect on your taste buds making everything taste sweet! Even sour foods and ingredients such as lemons, vinegar and onions which is just insane. You can buy the berries in tablet form, and after chewing one anything you eat afterwards will taste delicious. Such a fun and unusual idea to try with friends!

Shopping Day
Always a fun day out; hit the shops and spend some cash. Once you're sufficiently shopped out you could grab lunch at a nice restaurant, visit your favourite coffee shop or grab a juice or smoothie to have a good old catch up over.

Movie Night
Got a spare evening? Spend it with your favourite people watching the latest flicks. You could arrange a cinema night or to keep things on the cheaper side simply arrange a movie night at home. Get comfy on the sofa with loads of throws and pillows, and stock up on your favourite snacks and drinks.

What's your favourite thing to do with friends?


  1. My way to bond with my best friend is a dinner out once a month, and then a shopping trip now and then! It's a great time for catch ups :) Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

    1. that sounds really nice Tania, I've seen some of your Youtube videos with your best friend and it looks like you have such a laugh! x

  2. I love a shopping day with friends theres nothing better x