Beauty For Beginners: Techniques to Try Out

When you're new to makeup and beauty it can be difficult to know where to begin; there's a huge number of products out there (each with different finishes and formulas that will all perform differently) various techniques and a minefield of advice. But whether you're looking to experiment and get into beauty or if you just want to look your very best for an upcoming occasion, makeup is an amazing tool and can do wonders to enhance your appearance and improve your confidence. You can completely transform your look or simply give your features a boost- here are a few things to try!

Make Your Bone Structure Look More Defined
Contouring and highlighting is one of my favourite makeup techniques, and something I do every time I wear makeup. This accentuates your bone structure and makes your face appear slimmer and more defined. Just a small amount makes all the difference, and I find it's especially great for photos when you're wanting to look your best. Choose a contour powder that's a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone, and a shade that's not too orange toned. A shimmery highlighter will make cheekbones look more defined and will add a really pretty and healthy glow to the face.There are loads of guides to contouring effectively out there, so you can learn the ways. Thanks to YouTube, you can see with your own eyes how it is done.

Make Your Lips Look Fuller
The obsession of the moment is with lips, there's been a huge trend in lip injections and big lips are definitely in. But there's no need to resort to such extremes, some cleverly placed lip products can give the appearance of a fuller pout. You don't need to be a beautician to be able to achieve this, a little practice and you'll nail the technique in no time. Begin by slightly overlining your natural lips with a lip liner, and then filling them in with a lipstick in a similar shade. Finishing off with some gloss will make them look even fuller- a perfect temporary solution without the cost or risk of lip injections.

Enhance Your Eyes
One of my favourite beauty tricks with eyes is to apply false eyelashes. These will immediately make your eyes look bigger, prettier and make you look more awake- unlike mascara which can make lashes look quite thick and clumpy, false lashes always look nice and fluttery. Another good trick is to choose an eyeshadow that will make your eye colour stand out, you can do this by looking on a colour wheel and picking an eyeshadow that's the opposite colour to your eyes. For example, copper tones will bring out the blue in blue eyes, since orange (copper) is opposite from blue on the colour wheel. To change up your look even further you could consider coloured contact lenses. They’re totally safe and make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of your face.

Colour Correct Your Skin
If you suffer with under eye circles, facial redness or any other discolouration you can easily counteract this with different coloured concealers. If you've ever noticed that even after a thick layer of foundation your discolourations still come through, then this is for you. For example, using a green concealer on spots, rosy cheeks or any other redness will neutralise the angry red shade- then once you have your foundation over the top you'll have a much more even appearance. Use a peach concealer to cancel out the blue/ purple of under eye bags, or a lilac concealer to counteract any yellow/ sallowness in skin. You can pick up the specific shade you need or look for a colour correcting palette that contains all of the shades so you can experiment and see what works for you. It seems a bit strange, but it really works! 


  1. I always use a peachy corrector on my dark circles before popping on a brightening concealer. I need to master applying false lashes, I love how they look xx

    1. False lashes make such a difference, buy a cheap pack of 10 from ebay and practice you'll soon get the hang of it! xx