Creating a Bedroom That You Love

cosy bedroom with a bed and pastries for breakfast

Your bedroom is your retreat from the world; it's not just somewhere to sleep and store your things, but somewhere you can snuggle up, relax and recharge. Your bedroom should reflect your personality and sense of style, and needs to be somewhere that you genuinely enjoy spending time. If it's not, here are a few ways you can work on putting that right and creating a space that you love.

Get inspired
Before you do anything else, I highly recommend taking a look at lots of different bedrooms and drawing ideas and inspiration from them. Decide what elements you love and what kinds of things you're hoping to avoid when you create your dream bedroom. Think about styles, colours, layout- there are so many sites you can go to to get inspired these days. Instagram, Pinterest, We Heart It and blogs are all packed with gorgeous photos and spending time browsing through will give you plenty of ideas. 

Come up with a plan
Once you're sufficiently inspired and know the general look that you want to go for- the next step is to come up with a plan. Decide which elements will be practical within your space and the types of pieces that are within your budget. This step really is crucial to get the best finish overall- before jumping in and buying things because they look pretty, work out the logistics. Where will you need to make compromises with your design? Will the four poster bed you've got your eye on block out all of the light from your windows, or will all of the furniture you plan on buying actually fit within the space? Carefully measuring and planning out the room first will save the hassle of having to return things that aren't quite right.

Choose your colour scheme
It might be considered as boring to some, but I always recommend neutral decor and then bringing in colour with an accent shade. Whites, creams, greys etc for walls will go with a range of other colours and give the room a bright and airy feel (as well as making rooms appear larger). For your accent colour you could pick a shade that inspires you and you feel like reflects your personality, whether it's bold and bright or cool pastel hues. Choosing shades that compliment your wall colour will give the best overall finish, for example white and grey will look best with cooler colours, and beige/ cream walls will look best with warmer colours.

Update your bed
The bed is always going to be the focal point in a bedroom as it takes up the most space. When it's the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you walk into the room, it's beneficial to make it look nice. I always think you should buy the best bed you can afford, you spend so much time in it a lumpy or uncomfortable bed is going to impact the rest of your life if you're waking up every day tired and grumpy after a rubbish sleep. Spend some time working out the best mattress for you, have a browse at different articles online and try out a couple in a local bed shop. To finish off how the bed looks, some pretty bedding with throws and cushions will give a warm and homely look to the room.

Pick out furniture and accessories
Use your room’s colour scheme and style as inspiration when choosing pieces. If you're not looking to splash out on all new pieces you can always revamp your old bedroom furniture which can save you a lot of money. When it comes to picking accessories, look for things that you love, and that add personality to the space. The finishing touches really do make all the difference.


  1. This was great timing on your part !! I'm soon to be moving and looking at ideas and color schemes for my new room. I also have a bigger bedroom at the new place so I'm looking forward what I can come up with. Thank you for some inspiration and some great tips !!

    Katie |

    1. Good luck with the move Katie! Really glad you found this helpful and hope you end up with a gorgeous bedroom that you love x

  2. I've just been updating my bedroom so this has come at a perfect time :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

    1. So glad you found it helpful Rosy, doing a bedroom update is so exciting hope yours goes well :) xx

  3. I love looking to pinterest and tumblr for decor inspiration and currently have a white and wood theme going on as I love the contrast of the whites against the natural look and feel of wood xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture