Five Tips For Freshening Up Your Home

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There's a certain rush that comes with a home that you’ve just moved into, there's nothing better than starting from scratch with a blank canvas. However even if you've lived in your home for years, you can still get that 'new' feeling with a few minimal changes. If you've become bored with your surroundings and are looking to regain that fresh and airy 'new house' feeling, here are a few things to try!

1. Air it out
It might seem like an obvious suggestion, but just allowing fresh air to circulate your home every day will do wonders and get rid of that stuffy feeling. Opening windows along with the use of an air purifier will help to combat condensation, mould, dust and unwanted odours. An easy way to instantly make your home feel fresher!

2. Deep Clean
Once you've cracked open the windows and allowed the house to air out, it's time to start deep cleaning. This type of cleaning tends to take a long time, and so you might need to focus on just one or two rooms a day. Remove as many items out of the room you're cleaning as you possibly can, and then deep clean every inch of the space. Go through every cupboard and drawer only putting back items that are useful and necessary, and don't put back your decorative items until last. That way you can take a step back  at the clean room and work out where to put each item for maximum impact. Don't forget to clean windows, electrical items, doors and skirting boards.

3. Wash Soft Furnishings
Curtains, cushions, throws and even rugs. While these are the types of things that don't need to be washed every time you're cleaning and tidying the house, it's still important not to overlook them as they can be traps for dust and bacteria. Smaller items like washable cushion covers and throws can go into the washing machine as often as needed, curtains and rugs will need cleaning around twice a year. If your cushion inserts are a bit worse for wear it's best to replace them entirely, just like pillows they can harbour dust mites and all kinds of nasties after a while. 

4. Get Rid of Clutter
Once everything is clean and tidy you can work out exactly what you need, and get rid of unneeded possessions. Decluttering really is an ongoing process, when new things are always coming into the home it's so easy for it to build up, regularly getting rid of items you no longer need can make you feel so much lighter and more organised. Decluttering can definitely bring back a new house feeling, as it's probably something you did when you first moved in. I find the easiest way to go about this is to get three boxes and label them 'bin' 'friends' and 'charity shop' as it makes the decision to get rid of things much easier. If you’ve got a lot to move, then get assistance from a removal company

5. Replace (Or Get Rid Of) The Carpet
There's nothing that will make your home feel quite as fresh as replacing your carpet with hardwood floorsThey are hardwearing and last for a long time, making them a great cost effective option- they're easy to clean and are so much more hygienic than carpets. Cleaning carpets properly takes time and costs money, they attract dust and bacteria like nothing else in your home (think that vacuuming it does the trick? Think again.) While it can be a big upfront cost, over time the upkeep of them will be cheaper and they will last longer than carpets. . 


  1. Fab tips, hun! I hate waking up and having the house feel stuffy and claustrophobic. Having a good clear out and clean up makes me feel 10x better :)

    Laura x |

    1. Thank you! I agree, nothing quite like the feeling of everything being clean and knowing you're organised and on top of things x