Getting Your Garden Ready For The Summer

When it comes to summer the garden really is is the place to be, spending time in the garden when it's warm outside is genuinely one of my favourite things ever. Nowhere else can you get quite as relaxed under the sun, than when surrounded by your own little natural haven. Getting a garden summer-ready can be quite a lot of work especially if you’re moving into a new one; speaking from experience as I'm lucky enough that my new house has an enormous garden, but it does need a quite a bit of tlc. Having completely remodelled the garden at my old property I've been through this process before and so at least know where to start this time, if you're looking to create your perfect garden here are a few things to consider!

Get It Tidied
First things first, you'll need to have a general tidy to get it up to ship shape. Gardens get dilapidated and overgrown quite easy, chances are you've not done much to it over the winter and so come spring time again it can look like a huge amount of work. Don’t feel as though you have to tackle it all at once, take it day by day and area by area. Identify the needs of one area and trim, weed or do whatever needs doing before moving on.

Create a Dining Space
One of the best things the garden can offer in the summer is another place to eat. Whether it's picnic style lunches, alfresco dinner parties or barbeques- you'd be mad not to utilise the space and make the most of dining outdoors when the weather is nice. Patios and decking make for the perfect place to put a dining table, or an area that's been carefully sectioned and edged can be filled with pea gravel for an easy and inexpensive alternative where you can put a table and chairs. With see-through balustrades, like these from SHS Products, you get a perfect view of the rest of the garden as well.

Get Comfy
It's all very well cooking, eating, weeding and digging in the garden but there are always going to be days when you just want to sit outside and relax. A comfy seat in the garden can also make a perfect place to seek refuge when the evenings make the house too stuffy and warm. From wicker nests to repurposed old park benches, you can really get creative with it and even if you're a minimalist/ neutrals lover for interiors you can go a bit more wild in the garden. The choice of seating is the perfect chance to give your garden the theme or feel you’ve always wanted.

Add Colour
Adding flowers will instantly add colour and life to a garden. You could go for full on flower beds and borders, or choose low maintenance flowers and put them in pots if you're not the most seasoned gardener. A bit of landscaping like making raised beds can make it easier to keep your flowers separate from the rest of the garden (essential for dog owners, if your dogs like to run through/ pee all over ground level flowerbeds like mine do!) You never know, you might make a hobby out of it or grow some herbs, fruits or veggies to use in the kitchen.

Keep Cool
Whether you’re working out in the garden or just relaxing in it, even here in good old England the summer heat can get too much on very sunny days. Firstly, make sure you stay well hydrated- you don’t want to be feeling headaches, dizziness or nausea when you’re trying to get your garden looking gorgeous. Misters and portable shades can also be great tools for keeping yourself cool.

Keep Pests Away
If like me you're terrified of anything that crawls, scuttles or buzzes, pests are going to be a problem. While you're never going to totally solve this problem while you're outside, some bug spray that targets specific pests can help (if you're not keen on chemicals you can make these yourself.) You can also choose plants that actually deter pests and attract friendly bugs instead (eg, pollinators like bees and ladybirds that feed on harmful aphids). When choosing your flowers, look at the kind of ecosystem they help you maintain.


  1. This is something we definitely need to do this Sumer.. there's a lot of work to be done!

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley's Beauty Blog

    1. Mine too, it's a bit frustrating as I'm starting in a new garden when we did soo much work to our old one. But this one is a lot bigger, I think it's going to be a case of killing all of the weeds and tidying up this year and then planting next year x