Review: Essence Facial Serum From Adore Cosmetics

My skin definitely hasn't been at it's best lately; up until recently I'd been suffering with dry and scaly cheeks, a flaky forehead (I know.. how attractive) and an uncomfortably tight feeling whenever I washed my face. And so I decided that it would be the perfect time to put some new skincare to the test, namely the Essence Facial Serum from Adore Cosmetics. Adore is a new brand to me, I'd not tried any of their products before but a quick search through the site and I was intrigued; they use organic stem cells from plants which allows the skin to repair and heal itself. Seriously interesting stuff! 

The key to this serum is the exclusive 'plant stem cell' formula, this protects your skin’s own stem cells and encourages them to renew texture. I've tried many weird and wonderful products in the name of beauty, everything from bee venom to snail secretions but plant stem cells definitely tops the list. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that have the potential to develop into many different cell types in the body, meaning they are able to replenish and repair other cells. For this reason it makes perfect sense as to why plant stem cells (which act similarly to human stem cells, but without the ethical limitations) work so well at repairing the skin. Along with the use of plant stem cells to restore and repair, this facial serum targets a number of other skin complaints. Pro-Vitamin B5 moisturises and plumps skin while Vitamin E fights free radicals and air pollutions that cause premature skin aging. All ingredients are then combined with Allantoin to deeply hydrate by binding moisture to dry skin. The product itself is a very light, velvety serum that absorbs really nicely into the skin and leaves no stickiness, sits perfectly under makeup and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated without any heaviness or greasy layer being left behind. 

After less than a week of use I could definitely notice the difference within my skin, the visible dryness had completely gone and my skin felt so much more supple- I find this really impressive since it's only a light serum and these are issues that even my heavy and hydrating moisturisers were struggling to shift. While I don't have any other major skin issues, I'm confident that this would work well for most people especially those looking to minimise fine lines and wrinkles just as it's so hydrating and because of the technology it contains. Finally, the packaging is just gorgeous which makes no difference to the product itself but is always a nice touch. The weighty glass bottle has a gold lid and pump, and just has an overall beautifully high end feel.

The only drawback to this brand is that the prices are pretty insane; this 50ml bottle will set you back a whopping £500+, which of course won't be for everyone and is by far the most luxurious beauty product I've ever tried personally. But for anyone who's serious about improving their skin, minimising the signs of aging and protecting against further damage this is one to check out- the ingredients and the way it works are much different to what you'd find in other anti-aging products. It's certainly a lot cheaper than a facelift (even chemical peels can range up to £1500) and so if you're looking to do something drastic with your skin, trying something like this could be a cheaper and easier alternative. Adore also offer customer discounts on their social media pages, and so if you're looking to invest it's well worth following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have you heard of Adore Cosmetics? Whats the most luxurious beauty product you've ever tried?


  1. wow this sounds amazing! x

    1. It really is, I've never heard of the technology it uses anywhere else! x

  2. Ive never heard of anything like plant stem cells in beauty products before, would love to try something like this