Five Housewarming Gift Ideas

woman using  a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine

Looking to find the perfect gift for someone who has just moved house, or is having a housewarming party? Here are five ideas for handy gifts to help a friend or family member settle into their new place. 

Bottles of Wine (And a Bottle Opener!) 
Housewarming parties are all about celebrating and having fun, so why not bring along the wine and give them a new bottle opener to go with it. You can get some great stainless steel openers that can carry out various kitchen tasks which make handy gifts for occasions like housewarming parties. Pair this with a couple of bottles of wine, and you'll be ready to kick the party off when you arrive. It’s a simple gift, but it’s also a really useful one.

DIY Hampers
I'm a huge fan of homemade hampers; lots of little gifts put together in things like jars or baskets. You could create a theme or just choose a selection of handy items, once they're done with it they can repurpose whatever you gifted it to them in too. Plus when you make something yourself, it shows that you really have thought about it. Check out Pinterest for inspiration, there are so many cute ideas on there!

Audio Speakers
Everyone likes to play music in their home, and a set of audio speakers could give them the gift of music! Cuckooland's wonderful collection of gift ideas for her includes speakers with fantastic designs for women; they not only act as decorative items but they're functional as well. If you're feeling extra generous, how about purchasing a music subscription for them to listen on too?

Small Appliances
Appliances for the home make great gifts, especially if you're buying for someone who is moving out for the first time (as they're not likely to have all of these things right away). You could go with anything from a blender or food processor, a grilling machine or even a toasted sandwich maker for a student or someone that doesn't cook much! Coffee makers are something that most people will get loads of use out of but aren't too expensive making them great gift ideas- I got one at Christmas and don't know how I ever got by without it now! Some brands have pods that make tea and hot chocolate as well as coffee, so perfect even if they're not a coffee drinker.

Scented Candles
While it might seem like a bit of an obvious choice, there's a reason scented candles are popular housewarming gifts. What better way to settle into a new house and make it feel like home than with a gorgeous scent and the warm and cosy glow of a candle. You could go with a luxury brand, although if you're on a budget there are so many really nice affordable options. Yankee's Simply Home jar candles for example can be picked up from supermarkets for less than £10.

What would you buy someone as a housewarming present?

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