Five Ways To Make A Statement In Your Home

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Your home is somewhere to showcase your style and personality; most of us aim to create a space that we're happy and comfortable in, as well one we're proud to show to family and friends. If like me you're crazy about neutrals, you might find that your rooms can lack a little something that really make them stand out. But there are ways of going about it without stepping way out of your comfort zone, here are five ways to make a statement in your home!

1. A Statement Wall
Statement walls can immediately bring interest into otherwise plain rooms, and can make a space look much more complete. There are tonnes of bold and beautiful wallpaper designs to choose from, but if like me adding loads of colour and loud patterns isn't really your thing you can still create a statement wall. Even muted neutral shades and soft and pretty patterns will still draw your eye to the main wall in your room, and give a gorgeous homely appearance.

2. Lighting
It's important to think carefully about what lighting options are going to suit a room, ideally you will have a variety of different light sources to create different moods. For example along with the main overhead light you could add a couple of smaller table lamps and a large floor lamp or even wall sconces; this will give you a lot of different options for how bright or dim you want the room depending on what you're doing in it during the day and night. You can buy your floor lamps at Lamp and Light, as they have a great range of sizes and colours that will suit your room. LED lights behind and around furniture and strip lights under kitchen cupboards all look really effective too.

3. Artwork
Artwork is a fantastic way to make a statement in your home, and is one really easy way to show your tastes and personality. The world is your oyster here, you could choose anything from a designer piece to something you picked up from a shop or local art gallery. You could even create something yourself if you have the skills! You could invest in an expensive piece of art, or if you're on a budget have something printed and frame it yourself. 

4. Furniture
When it comes to main pieces of furniture I always think it's best to play quite safe, and go with plainer designs that wont look out of style within a couple of years- after all it's not cheap to simply change them whenever you get bored. However there are ways of making a statement with furniture that doesn't cost the earth; for example if you've invested in a plain sofa, team it up with a less expensive statement armchair or footstool. If you can get hold of solid furniture second hand, you could always give it a makeover and turn it into the perfect statement piece.

5. Soft Furnishings and Accessories
Possibly the easiest way to make a statement in a room is with accessories and soft furnishings. Simply adding lots of cushions in different shades, prints and textures can immediately transform a plain looking bed or sofa. A large statement rug and some throws and you can bring colour or patten into a room without spending much, and can easily switch them up whenever you feel like a change. Another way to bring in some vibrant colour is to add a large plant or a vase of fresh flowers, then you have an excuse to buy yourself fresh flowers every couple of weeks too!

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